Part-Time Brigantine Residents Have No Control over Local Politicians

From Philadelphia Magazine: There’s a real romanticism to the notion that Shore towns (like Brigantine) become almost private enclaves for the people who decide to live in them permanently. But there’s a flip side to that coin.

The number of full-time Brigantine residents continues to decline. That means fewer eyes on local government officials who have access to piles and piles of taxpayer dollars.

Second-homeowners aren’t allowed to vote in local elections. If they could vote, maybe the spending concerns would get debated a little more thoroughly. “A revolution was fought in this country for this very reason: taxation without representation”

“Millions of dollars flow into this city’s coffers, and no one knows where it goes. It’s very, very frustrating. The ultimate solution would be for all the homeowners to have the right to vote.”

More  excerpts from article: There’s something a little maddening about ponying up big money for a vacation home only to find that it doesn’t buy you a meaningful seat at the table.

But it won’t be so easy to dismiss the out-of-towners as their control of local real estate grows even larger. In Avalon and Stone Harbor, part-time residents own a staggering 87 percent of properties