How Part Time Residents Can Vote In Brigantine

Lot’s of conflicting information being bounced around in regards to part-time residents casting a vote in the upcoming Brigantine elections. We suggest NOT taking advice from the City of Brigantine or those motivated with keeping the status quo. Rather…you should only consider voting info from the State of NJ. So let’s take a look at some of the facts…

New Jersey is considered to have some of the most liberal voting laws in the US. By liberal, we mean that NJ allows a Brigantine 2nd Homeowner to decide which of their homes will be their ‘designated domicile for purposes of voting’. You can only have one domicile for voting purposes. You can only vote in one location. Your domicile and your ‘intent’ to make it your domicile for purposes of voting, are what’s most important.

Yes. This fact is quite scary to those who rely on votes from a small & dwindling number of full-time residents that prefer the older, yet no longer sustainable way of running Brigantine.

It’s a really a simple process to get registered and have your voice heard in Brigantine.

Want to cast your vote in the upcoming November election in Brigantine? See these items from the New Jersey State Constitution:

  • The NJ Constitution provides at Article II, Section I, Paragraph 3 that any US citizen 18 or older, who has been a resident of the State and county for at least 30 days, is eligible to vote.
  • NJSA 19:4-1 provides that a person who meets the Constitutional requirements, is registered and not disqualified by reason of incarceration etc…is eligible to vote.
  • NJSA 19:4-4.1 through 4.7 creates system by which people who have more than one residence can file a written statement declaring one residence as their “domicile” for purposes of voting.
  • The election official in the designated jurisdiction has authority to verify the statement (make sure stated address isn’t rented to someone else).
  • The law is stated to be “remedial”, with the purpose of assisting voters to establish their legal right to vote.
  • A person may not vote in more than one jurisdiction, or from more than one location within the same jurisdiction.
  • There can be only one “domicile”-but it is largely in the discretion of the voter to decide which of several alternative choices will be his/her designated domicile.

Like other resort communities, 70% of Brigantine taxpayers are 2nd homeowners waking up to their potential, un-tapped Brigantine voting rights. This little known fact could play a major role in the upcoming November elections that are sometimes WON or LOST by well under 500 votes.

Example: Some couples might have the husband vote from their home town in Cherry Hill, and the wife could cast her vote at the local Brigantine polling place. You may want to confer with your personal advisory for specific details affecting you.

NJ Voter Registration form here:

Mail-in your vote by filling out this form:


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2 thoughts on “How Part Time Residents Can Vote In Brigantine”

  1. From Jane Hodges….who just registered to vote in Brigantine…

    This is perfect. I just filled out the form. Couldn’t have been easier and didn’t even require an envelope or postage.

    IMPORTANT: There are 2nd homeowners who still mistakenly believe that if you change your residence for voting, you and your spouse will have to file separate (as opposed to joint) taxes. NOT TRUE.

    I’ve heard 2nd homeowners say, “I would vote here, but we would pay much higher taxes because of filing as single in each location.” NOT TRUE.

    There is NO correlation between domicile for voting and domicile for paying taxes.

    Register ONLINE here….

    Thank you, BrigantineNOW!

    Jane Hodges

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