Part Time Residents Consider Hiring Attorney

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Mayor & Council Need Full Investigation

LETTER to THE EDITOR >> Part-time residents in particular have quietly wondered how to get proper representation at council meetings. The elected opposition lead by Lisa McClay has consistently proven ineffective to keep the 26+ year Mayor in check. The council minority just doesn’t have the teeth or motivation to keep appropriate pressure on Guenther, Simpson, Sera & Bew…..along with City Manager Ed Stinson.

To date, Councilman Rick Delucry has been the only elected official to ask simple, appropriate and fiscally sound questions. When Brigantine City Council considers measures to spend taxpayer dollars, Delucry typically receives no support from his party’s co-members; McClay & Piccardi.

To be considered: retain services of independent attorney with expertise in municipal, taxation and real estate issues. This attorney would primarily represent the best interest of part-time residents with no voting rights…but would most certainly benefit all taxpayers.

This attorney could be a legal version of John Paff….who could be paid via donations placed into a non-profit fund. If amount is small enough, ($25) most believe high % of participation would occur.

Read more about John Paff…/profile-the-man-who-makes-sur…/

Relying only on Democrat minority & Brigantine Taxpayers Association has proven to have limited and in most cases, no success in stopping:

• Overtime abuse inside fire department
• Golf Course & Liquor License give-away to Mike Morgan
• Sending $6k per mth to Meadowbrook for services unknown
• Bonding for projects that have little detail or transparency

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9 thoughts on “Part Time Residents Consider Hiring Attorney”

  1. I would be in favor of hiring an attorney in the likes of Mr. Paff. All I see are my taxes going up and up and no voice as I am NOT a full time resident. If such a fee were said amount I would be stupid not to join forces with other “part time residents” who are “FULL TIME TAXPAYERS” We need a STRONG voice. We bring in money to the island as do our family and friends who come down to enjoy our beautiful beaches, eateries, and shops.Thank you for your efforts

  2. We can start by having a special election and implementing a new ordinance of no more than 8 years in any position. In that ordinance have a clause that there will be a new election next November. If the President can’t do more than 8 why should any official in Brigantine do more than 8 years in office. The 8 years is exactly why and how to prevent run away fraud and abuse of power.

  3. why hire an attorney? He can’t do anything except listen and report. He has no voting power or control. More importantly, there should be a state investigation of all the mismanagement, lack of contracts, etc. Someone needs to find the Achilles heel of thie present team.

    1. The reason to hire a citizen attorney? To review actions proposed by your municipal government. He would also be able to file civil lawsuits against the city. Citizens not represented by their elected officials need their own attorney.

  4. All owners of Brigantine real estate have a legitimate interest in participating in discussions regarding the Brigantine budget and real estate taxes affecting their homestead. This interest in matters of budget and real estate taxes is legitimate whether these taxpayers live in Brigantine full time or part time.

  5. I am in.Let,,’s do it. If nothing else I would pay a report to come and put the Brigantine government under a microscope. Why is no one in NJ doing anything? Brigantine, land if night taxes, dropping valves, drugs everywhere and now a government who thinks our money is theirs.

  6. I know this is a bit old (2013) but i found it on the state taxation ( 3rd party neutral evaluation)web site
    It really isn’t as bad as it seems but can be better ( whether you are a full time or part time resident)


    City General Rate Effective rate

    EGG HARBOR CITY 4.128 3.644
    PLEASANTVILLE CITY 3.322 3.289
    ATLANTIC CITY 2.542 3.041
    LINWOOD CITY 3.973 2.955
    NORTHFIELD CITY 2.814 2.910
    ABSECON CITY 3.043 2.778
    BUENA BORO 2.700 2.778
    EGG HARBOR TWP 2.813 2.732
    HAMILTON TWP 2.527 2.466
    SOMERS POINT CITY 4.650 2.461
    GALLOWAY TWP 2.205 2.448
    HAMMONTON TOWN 3.649 2.299
    BUENA VISTA TWP 2.216 2.259
    MULLICA TWP 4.089 2.257
    WEYMOUTH TWP 3.527 2.148
    VENTNOR CITY 1.989 2.047
    ESTELL MANOR CITY 2.987 2.011
    PORT REPUBLIC CITY 3.481 2.001
    FOLSOM BORO 3.063 1.793
    CORBIN CITY 2.617 1.609
    BRIGANTINE CITY 1.308 1.589
    MARGATE CITY 1.464 1.324
    LONGPORT BORO 0.897 0.818

    The Effective Tax Rate is a statistical study that enables the comparison of one district to another district (based on the assumption that all districts are at 100% valuation).


    City General Rate Effective rate
    TUCKERTON BORO 2.185 2.085
    VENTNOR CITY 1.989 2.047
    WILDWOOD CITY 1.971 2.042
    SEASIDE HEIGHTS BO 1.825 1.701
    BRIGANTINE CITY 1.308 1.589
    PT PLEASANT BEACH BORO 1.444 1.357
    MARGATE CITY 1.464 1.324
    WILDWOOD CREST BORO 1.128 1.177
    BEACH HAVEN BORO 1.148 0.971
    OCEAN CITY 0.842 0.876
    LONG BEACH TWP 0.924 0.847
    CAPE MAY CITY 0.838 0.830
    LONGPORT BORO 0.897 0.818

    The Effective Tax Rate is a statistical study that enables the comparison of one district to another district (based on the assumption that all districts are at 100% valuation).


    Year General Rate Effective rate % increase
    2013 BRIGANTINE CITY 1.308 1.589 14.5 %
    2012 BRIGANTINE CITY 1.203 1.388 14.5 %
    2011 BRIGANTINE CITY 1.159 1.275 9.0 %
    2010 BRIGANTINE CITY 1.091 1.170 9.9 %
    2009 BRIGANTINE CITY 1.032 1.065 6.4 %
    2008 BRIGANTINE CITY 0.987 1.011

    The Effective Tax Rate is a statistical study that enables the comparison of one district to another district (based on the assumption that all districts are at 100% valuation).

  7. brigantine resident

    In 2014 6 firemen retired. The former City Manager did not replace them. Hence the overtime. The new City Manager has replaced these men at a lower pay grade. Do you realize the average responsive time for EMS in Brigantine is 3 minutes?
    He is working hard to settle all the contracts the former City Manager let lapse. Give him a chance. We love our part time residents. We appreciate you. Don’t hate.

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