Plans to Boost Support of Brigantine Hockey League

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Brigantine Hockey Coach Howe

Over the years, Brigantine Hockey League president Paul Kabala & partner/coach Chris Howe have seen donations to this popular sports league steadily decline.

No matter how many out-of-town Beef-n-Beers, phone calls, last minute cash-collecting in front of Ocean Beverage or t-shirt sales they could muster, charitable giving for Brigantine’s Hockey League is way down. What gives?

The roadblock to growing donations…is the league’s lack of proper financial accounting and non-profit documentation. What’s the money being used for? Who’s on the board of directors? Is Kabala & Howe following appropriate procedure in raising funds? Is the city monitoring this activity or does City have no jurisdiction over BHL… as former City Manager Blumenthal told BrigantineNOW last year?

This financial dip isn’t just with the BHL, but with all local Brigantine organizations. Tough economic times for sure. But tax hikes funding employee pensions, weak property values, sloppy accounting, new city hires and fresh contracts with Police & Fire are certainly contributing to this drop in local, charitable giving.

One typically reliable source of funding that’s down to a trickle are those sizable donations from donors with thousands to give. Sometimes they give much more than that.

Why are these deep pocketed individuals slowing down the cash? Research shows they’re still giving more than ever…. but they’re being extra fussy about how the dollars are spent. They want transparency. They want the highest % of each dollar to get to the kids.

BHL President Kabala with Mayor Guenther & Councilman Simpson
BHL President Kabala with Mayor Guenther & Councilman Simpson

New city manager Ed Stinson to the rescue. Stinson, a buttoned down & no-nonsense kinda guy has taken notice of the challenge being faced by Kabala; a laborer, and Howe; a Borgata Casino Employee.

The great Jim Mogan, director of Brigantine CER (Community Education & Recreation Director) has taken notice too. Mogan and Stinson are ultimately responsible for the sports fields, buildings and activities within that area of 42nd street.

Hockey, football, bocce, miniature golf, tennis, ‘snack shack’, the weight room, and even the dog park. All of these city assets, paid for by Brigantine taxpayers, come under the jurisdiction of Stinson and Mogan. These two guys are highly motivated to help, and are just the guys to get the job done.

How can Stinson & Mogan help Kabala & Howe attract more donations…..and help the kids of Brigantine?

“The BHL just needs to come into non-profit compliance. We’ll sign over a check today” says a local resident who didn’t feel comfortable making her donation in cash, and not getting a valid receipt for tax purposes.

Former city manager; Jennifer Blumenthal, claimed the city had no jurisdiction over Kabala & Howe of the Brigantine Hockey League since they weren’t city employees. The Brigantine Taxpayers Association disagrees with that statement. ‘Howe, Kabala and the BHL are using city assets paid for by local tax dollars’, stated a representative of the BTA (Brigantine Taxpayers Association)

Brigantine Hockey Snack Shack
The Snack Shack

The ‘Snack Shack’ is also a target for a little financial spring cleaning by City Manager Stinson. This food & drink store located at the 42nd street hockey courts has reportedly operated without proper non-profit paperwork & documentation. Former manager Blumenthal, as well as the Mayor and council employed a ‘hands-off’ approach with this money making operation on city grounds. Look for CER Director Mogan & City Manager Stinson to clean things up before Spring.

Please help support the Brigantine Hockey League.

Brigantine Hockey Kabala GOP
Kabala (moustache) honored by Mayor & GOP for his work in ousting Public Safety Director; Dan Howard.
Snack Shack
Snack Shack Money Maker. How Much is Getting to the Kids?

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5 thoughts on “Plans to Boost Support of Brigantine Hockey League”

  1. Brigantine has had baseball and soccer leagues for years with no such problem. I’m also shocked it’s not up to par with non-profit compliances. Was someone making money off of the BHL?

  2. Just to be clear, every penny is accounted for and all proper documentation is submitted to the City before the leagues get any money for the next year. These leagues are all governed by volunteer boards who have and have taken the responsibility to serve the community, kids and families and ensure the integrity, finances, solvency,sustainability and safety of the children. The city only funds portions of the leagues and leaves it up to the volunteers to raise the rest needed to support the kids and families from the taxpayers and businesses in Brigantine.Rather than attack the volunteers maybe we should applaud them for serving the community with such little tax dollars. I feel the return on investment is immeasurable and accounted for. Before you attack maybe you should inquire and ask for the accountability or better yet volunteer. I am sure they can use all the help they can get.

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