Another Brigantine ZOOM Glitch, Council Meeting About Short Term Rentals Blocked

John Doring, head of Brigantine Dept of Public Works, taking heat for another ZOOM ‘glitch’ at City Council. On Thursday Sept 7, seems like Doring didn’t turn on the camera for this major Brigantine meeting about short-term rentals. Record breaking. 4 hours long. A packed house. Yet remote viewers, many

Brigantine Fire Chief Warns of Dune Fire Dangers. Handful of Residents Responsible for Protecting Island.

Dangerous Brigantine Dune Fires The Brigantine Fire Chief, Tiger Platt, agrees with Mayor Andy ‘Simp’ Simpson. Dune fires are a real threat to the island and it’s inhabitants. Councilmen Sera and Rierden agree. Good thing a small handful of beachfront residents are paying $300 bucks a pop, to do their

Brigantine FD Union Head Gets Political on Facebook. Violation of Non-Profit Rules?

Did Captain Platt of the Brigantine Fire Department ignore non-profit rules when he posted political attacks on the Brigantine Firefighter Union Facebook page? That’s what could potentially be the case when reviewing rules for non-profit organizations. Once accused by City officials of not being ‘management material’, the Brigantine FD union head

Brigantine Mayor Guenther Exposed  PENSION PAYOUTS

Brigantine Public Safety Director Ousted. Overtime Inquiry Begins

On Wednesday May 13, Brigantine voters decided to oust Public Safety Director; Dan Howard. It was a short and tumultuous run for Mr. Howard that exposed many inefficiencies within City Hall. (much to the dismay of city employees) One big stink emerged as the May 13 election approached. It was