Popo Flanigan & Fine Arts Revival on Brigantine Beach. SEE PICS from AUG 17.

See pictures from the featured Brigantine ARTIST OPEN HOUSE with Popo Flanigan: Sunday AUG 17.  The weather was perfect on Brigantine Beach as crowds shuffled into the funky-fresh backyard of Po’s Beach Ave. home & paint spattered art studio.

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One of five daughters, Popo Flanigan’s dad advised: “learn to transcribe and you’ll always have work; art may not bring you a good job”. Despite Dad’s advice, Brigantine’s Popo Flanigan spent her mid-life designing and selling fine jewelry at her Flourtown Pa. shop.

Over time, she segued into her dream coming true; which was to be a fine arts painter with a special focus on seashore scenery.

See her open screen door on Beach Ave in Brigantine? Popo Flanigan welcomes you to stop in to say “hi”, pick up a brush and dive in.

You’ll often see her out and about with a sketchbook and camera in hand or tooling around town on her green scooter, in her all familiar paint spattered clothing looking for inspiration. In 2007 she started the Brigantine Beach Art Group, which disbanded in 2011, but can easily be refueled with some volunteer infusion. Remember the open screen door policy and stop in….after all….it’s SMILEVILLE!  🙂   http://www.popoflanigan.com/

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