Portable Toilets and Adult Diapers at Cove Beach Debated at Brigantine City Council Meeting

Chris Howe and Real Brigantine
Is this the REAL Brigantine? We hope not.

An ordinance was introduced at Brigantine City Council to amend the beach ordinance dealing with the possession of, erecting or using any portable toilet on the beach; disposing of any waste or debris resulting from the use of a portable toilet on the beach.

Brigantine Councilwoman Lisa McClay originally recommended a penalty to anyone found using a personal toilet.

For some reason, a group calling themselves ‘Real Brigantiners’ thought no one would mind if they set up their own personal toilet at the beach.

McClay wanted to revoke the 4×4 permit of anyone caught using one of these devices. After some thought, she thought a 30 day penalty was more appropriate.

Councilman Joe Piccardi took some time at the council meeting and suggested that consideration be given to adult diapers being used and disposed of the beach known as ‘The Cove’.

The ‘Cove’ is located at the south side of Brigantine, overlooking the Atlantic City inlet.

This somewhat hidden beach is popular with local residents. Members of ‘Real Brigantine’ voted this as their #1 beach location. Alcohol consumption is reported to be more common here. Trucks are lined up side by side, boats and jet skis pull up onto the beach, kids play in the surf, fishermen try their luck, the Water Weenie sells food & drink.

Plenty of parking and ‘walk-on’ access to the cove are located along Ocean Drive (west). 4×4 access is available at the intersection Lagoon Blvd & Ocean Drive (west).

4×4 trucks are permitted at the Cove with permits. Oddly, personal beach tags are not needed at The Cove, and pedestrians are able to use this beach at no charge. Lifeguards are not stationed at this sometimes chaotic portion of Brigantine Beach.

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3 thoughts on “Portable Toilets and Adult Diapers at Cove Beach Debated at Brigantine City Council Meeting”

  1. The only people I ever see at the cove are shoobies. There are portable bathrooms between the cove and jetty, stop being lazy and walk to one!

    1. Yep, you must be new to Brigantine, the Cove is the local hangout, been for years. I rarely go there anymore…. too crowded w too many drunks.. its 80% Atlantic county, & half are Brigabillies

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