Press of Atlantic City: Bad for Brigantine Business

Should Brigantiners do interviews with The Press of Atlantic City? This once great Newspaper always seems to dump on our beloved island.

In a recent article about the iconic Brigantine lighthouse, the Press of AC writes: “dozens of contractors are mobilizing to restore the structure, which – along with much of the island – was severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy”.

Really. MUCH of our island SEVERELY damaged by Sandy?

Yes, it’s true. Specific parts of Brigantine were hurt really bad. Some parts had relatively minor damage. The rest of Brig had NO damage. Today, Brigantine looks 99% perfect. Why would the Press of AC use such a broad brush to condemn our whole community?

  • If you’re trying to sell or rent your Brigantine home, think this article will help or hurt?
  • If you’re a business, will this story fill your restaurant or jewelry store?
  • If your the City Manager, think this newspaper story will damage tax revenue & ratables?
  • If you run the Brigantine golf course, think this story will hurt your # of rounds played?

Please think twice before doing an interview with TV or Newspaper reporters. They do not have your best interest in mind. All they want to do…is sell papers…and get ratings.

Read Full Article in Press of Atlantic City Here.

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