Team Pullella. Brigantine’s Current Power Broker

It’s true. Brigantine is re-inventing itself thanks to a growing group of gutsy, full-time local citizens. The part-timers (non-voting 2nd homeowners making up 70% of tax base) are eagerly watching from the sidelines as these hardy Brigantiners are mobilizing. Seems like residents are no longer interested in passively accepting every action of City Council, currently lead by Mr. Tony Pullella.

The proof is in the pudding. Voters grew a pair and shook things up in November of 2012. Tossed out were the so-called Republican good ole’ boys club that controlled Brigantine for 110 years. Today, Brigantine citizens are applying the same scrutiny and pressure on the current administration lead by local builder and ex-restaurant owner; Pullella and his trusty legal hammer; Attorney Rick DeLucry.

What would I say if I dare approach the microphone during public comment of a Brigantine City Council meeting? It might go something like this:

Good evening Mayor & Council. I’d like to direct my comments to Councilman Pullella: Can you bring us up to date on the old Steak 38 property/parking issue? We’re not interested in an update from the City Manager or the attorney on Council. Just you sir, if you don’t mind, since the City Manager serves at the pleasure of Council…..which of course is highly influenced by you. We wanted to get the very latest as you see it.

Comment #2: Mr Pullella, have you (and co-Council) written up job descriptions for your positions with the city? With all due respect sir, it kinda stinks that Council is technically employed by the city & taxpayers…but there’s still no job description with specific deliverables. The past Republican majority was also negligent in providing this important document.

Comment #3: Mr. Pullella, has your tourism committee finished the marketing & tourism plan for Summer 2014 ? As you know, by boosting Summer tourism, Brigantine home values would rise, our restaurants would be filled and a lot of under-employed Brigantiners would get back to work. You see, the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce might not have the time to draft that important plan. They’re busy preparing for ‘Casino Night’, they just had an ‘installation breakfast” and they’re still working on their 3 year website project. They can only do so much. The Chamber also might not be too anxious to create a marketing & tourism plan…..since the plan would ultimately have to pass muster with you. Can you speak to that?

Oh, and one more thing. ….when you schedule those cool “Movies on the Beach” nights, can you please schedule them in the Summer when most home owners and their children are in town?

Comment #4: Mr. Pullella, have you taken up that local builder’s (Mike Snyder) generous offer to fix up the unsightly City Public Works yard with his own money? If not, why not?

At this point, the flat-topped gentleman on the opposite end of the Council Chamber starts to get fidgety. It’s Mr. DeLucry. He’s the tightly-wound attorney on Council who always seems angry or constipated. I ask him to nicely cool his jets for a moment. These comments were not shared for someone to parse the legalities of a few simple statements. Most don’t care about that legal fine print. We just want Council to fix the holdup. Move stuff forward. Now. Before Summer.

We generally avoid questions to Councilman DeLucry...or City Manager Blumenthal or Council as a whole. Why? These issues might be (in our opinion) decided by those with un-spoken influence. This stealth oversight could fast track….stifle….or reject any plan to grow tourism & retail in Brigantine. We think Councilman Tony Pullella has that kind of influence, and we hope he wields it for the good of all.

Oh, by the way, Rick. Who cuts your hair? I like it. Really.

In closing, (my 5 minutes is almost up) we’d ask that Council pick up the pace on boosting our amazing…. but under-leveraged assets. Maybe you can help someone fix up the last motel on the island (The Seagull), maybe promote the Links Golf Course, fill the many empty storefronts, put together a solid tourism and marketing plan, etc.

Thank you for your consideration. I’ll let you get back to that Public Safety Director battle. Good luck with that. Really.

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1 thought on “Team Pullella. Brigantine’s Current Power Broker”

  1. #1 Has it occurred to you that perhaps the parking issue is being presented in a one-sided manner? Could it be that, perhaps, in one of those secret executive sessions that there are other issues involved?

    #2 Job descriptions. Seriously? After 22 years under Mayor Geunther without council job descriptions you put this to Mr. Pullella, now?

    #3 Perhaps you need to go back to the Chamber of Commerce. You can’t use the Dems as a scapegoat for this one.

    #4 This one is just too ridiculous to parse. Why is OK to hold Mr. Pullella accountable for the foibles of the last regime? Why can’t you just ask your questions without sarcasm or personal insults?

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