More Pushback to 4×4 Overcrowding on Brigantine Beach

Brigantine Cove
The Cove in Brigantine

Brigantine residents have amplified their opposition to the overloading of 4×4 SUV’s on the beach. This adds to the recent alcohol issues and non-compliant events that have occurred at the COVE area of Brigantine Beach.

According to Gail Sikorski’s letter to the Brigantine Beachcomber, overcrowding of SUV’s bring about many negative ramifications.

  • Detrimental impact on beaches, dunes and wildlife.
  • Home values decline. People don’t buy in locations with beaches cluttered with 4×4 trucks.
  • Safety issues. Beach and access roads that residents and children use.
  • Resident complaints about parking overload. 4WD permit holders shuttling carloads of people to the beach with one truck permit and no beach badges.
  • Litter, change of clothing, using outdoor showers of local homeowners
  • Speeding, putting children and elders at risk.
  • Local residents don’t want to sit between trucks on beaches adjacent to their homes. They have to drive to other beaches on the island.

Lorraine DeBrodi says:  I owned a summer home in Brigantine for 8 years. My home was in the Seapoint section of Brigantine. I went to City Council to ask them to reconsider allowing these vehicles on the lovely beaches. No go …. It’s all about money for them. I tried to reason with them, arguing that no other town on Absecon Island allows this. Not even Atlantic City. I had a council member tell me I should have thought of that when I decided to buy in the Seapoint neighborhood. My response to him was he should have considered lack of beach access when he bought in the Golf Course neighborhood. Brigantine’s city council is so hung up on the cash they are willing to destroy their beaches. It’s sad.


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3 thoughts on “More Pushback to 4×4 Overcrowding on Brigantine Beach”

  1. I was under impression vehicles and dogs were not allowed on beaches from May 30th thru September 30th. Yet 4 x 4’s and dogs have been cruising the beaches from north 14th street south to the inlet since after Labor Day and if history repeats will continue to do so till the 4th of July. Personally I don’t understand why anyone would want to take their dog to the beach but at least for the most part the owners and dogs are well behaved as well as cute. The 4×4’s are another story. Most aren’t content to simply cruise the beach but insist on turning the beach into a racetrack. Pretty dangerous for those laying on the beach. Is the fishing all that much better on the middle island than in the preserve area that it’s necessary for them to access these beaches?

  2. Former Brig homeowner

    Who are these nice/wonderful/Brig lifers whose marriage and alcohol-fueled party started this thread? So far, I don’t think they have been identified. Maybe Mr. Pulella Jr and other defenders will let the rest of us know where the undisclosed location is?

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