Question: Grant Money to Elevate Houses

Question From Lorrie Smith….

I’m curious if anyone knows about the ICC claims for grant money to elevate houses. I was told that if we have flood insurance and more than 50% in damage to our house (pre-hurricane Sandy house value), that we would be eligible.

I called the city to find out about getting a letter of substantial damage and they said that the house is to be valued at 2006 tax values (minus 21%).

I am curious as to why they are going to the year where houses were at their peak level instead of pre-hurricane Sandy value. I called the ICC helpline and they said that I need to talk to someone at the city.

We called the construction office a few times, but are still waiting to hear back. I am just wondering if anyone has information about this.

Thanks. I appreciate any information that can be shared.

Lorrie Smith

  • Jim Bennett I would go to city hall and talk to someone… There are many folks who’ve received ICC approval, no way are they being forced to go by 2006 values…
  • Michael J Lange Jr. Please call my cell, 609-839-2339, I’d be happy to help you.
  • Nikki Crawford They told my mother it goes by 2006 as well! That is the biggest slap in the face I’ve ever heard of. PEAK of houses then. I just dont get it. So when no one qualifies for this, where does all that money go?????
  • Ann Young Yes, please lorrie, do keep us updated. Want to inquire about this also. If they do go by 2006 value that is ridiculous !! How do they think so many people can afford to raise their homes? This town is going to be a ghost town. No one will be able to afford to live here!
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  • Maryfrances Strey Lorrie, please continue to update. I’m curious to know the answer too. Thx
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  • Mary Hundt McLoughlin It is 21% of 2006 value then divide by 50% – what the city told me. It is mind boggling that it is based on peak market value less 21%…but I heard this is what the city and FEMA agreed to for the ICC calculations.
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  • Ron DiPinto This true 2006 is when the properties in the city went through the revaluation. The 21 % is the adjustment that is being applied to that number to bring them to a more current assessment since property values dropped significantly over the last several years. I had no problem hitting the more than 51 % damage using that formula.
  • Lorrie Smith The construction office called my boyfriend back today. They said that they are going by 2006 values minus 21%. When he asked why that was, he was hung up on. He says the woman hung up on purpose, but I will try to give her the benefit of the doubt that they were accidently disconnected.
  • Lorrie Smith Okay, thanks. Yeah, I called the ICC hotline and they were surprised that they were going by 2006 values. They told me that they don’t get involved and to talk to the city. They told me to call the state if I can’t get an answer from the city. I haven’t done that yet.

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  1. Has anyone heard of FEMA funds going directly to Brigantine for the demolishing of wood framed homes? My son just heard from a resident of Brick stating that towns received funds for demolishing of homes. However it is a well kept secret.

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