Reader Feedback: Guenther, Simpson & Cordasco Smear Jaworski Over Golf Links.

Brigantine Jaworski
Ron Jaworski

Letter to the Editor from Stanley H., summer renter in Brigantine>> Been vacationing on this beautiful island for over 20 years now.

My wife and I really love Brigantine, and we are thinking about taking the plunge and buying a vacation home here in Brigantine.

But what we witnessed on Wed night was the last straw.

We have decided to look elsewhere.

Watching Brigantine Mayor Guenther, Councilman Simpson & financial adviser Steve Cordasco smear Jaworski was just too much. We’re now looking at purchasing a home in Ventnor or Margate.

We chalked it up to small town politics when we saw the Brigantine Firefighters getting paid well over $130,000 + Pension + Health + overtime. They were taking advantage of lax overtime rules & payouts. Geez. BTW, our landscaper is a Brigantine firefighter. I guess when you only work 2 days a week, you have plenty of time to run a full time business on the side.

We ignored the growing list of empty businesses on the island. We didn’t care. We loved Brigantine. 

For the life of me, I can’t believe that words like ‘Pyramid’ and ‘Fleece’ were directed at Mr Jaworski. Found it especially entertaining when Mr Cordasco & Mr Simpson spent time talking about the safety and transparency of non-profits. I guess Mr Cordasco is not familiar with how some Brigantine sports organizations run their so-called non-profits.

Signed, Stanley H.


About Ron Jaworski….

Today, Jaworski lives in Southern New Jersey and is civically active. Jaworski is committed to the Jaws Youth Playbook, which focuses on a mission to improve the overall health and wellness of at-risk youth, primarily in the Greater Philadelphia region. To date, the Jaworski family is proud to have donated over $4 million to at-risk youth. Jaworski owns an exclusive business development company called Business Clubs America, as well as owning four signature golf courses in South Jersey- River Winds Golf & Tennis Club, Valleybrook Country Club, Running Deer Golf Club, and Blue Heron Pines. Jaworski also serves as the President of the Maxwell Football Club, Co-Majority Owner of the Philadelphia Soul and sits on the boards of PNC Bank. The South Jersey Chamber of Commerce awarded Jaworski the Pinnacle Award for his outstanding volunteer work and longtime service to South Jersey Chamber & business community. The United Way honored Jaworski with their Volunteer Leadership Award, the highest award given by Unite

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