Reader Feedback From Retired Brigantine PD Lt.

Reader Feedback from Jim Tynan, Retired Lt. of Brigantine Police Department, 1992…..  How times have changed. I started on the Brigantine PD, January 1967. I was ‘low badge’ (#5). I worked 6 day week. Made $4,800 per year. Was not put into pension system until one year probation period was complete. May have gotten a “few” sick days with pay, if you WERE sick with doctor’s note.  No vacations, personal days, o.t., or comp time til after 1st year. Times have really changed. If anyone remembers anything different, feel free to correct me. Best wishes for both sides of this issue.

If Brigantine Unions (public safety) have a committee: Check out the Miami P.D. deal…..I think they can retire, some at almost 100% of regular pay, and come back to work, maybe a month later, at same rank, same pay, JUST w/o being able to add to their pensions, med benefits (already have them).

Why would ruling politicians let this happen? VOTES!

I think Miami PD calls it a “drop” system.

Jim Tynan, Ret. Lt. / BPD 1992.

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3 thoughts on “Reader Feedback From Retired Brigantine PD Lt.”

  1. Thanks for some honest information Jim. THIS is exactly the problem. This over-payment is unsustainable. The sooner we ALL understand this, the sooner we can begin recovering and get our fiscal house in order.

    1. I just sent in an e mail today from former brig police officer,al bitterling,when he was on the dept. in 1953..think he made $80..+ every two wks…some real interesting reading,in his own words..hope it gets printed……jim tynan BPD./RET 1992 .Long Key fl.

  2. Mel…hope you can also print the e mail I sent you from Al Bitterling,former Brig. poilce officer from the 50’s..thanks..jim tynan,long key,fl..p.s…thanks for printing my own experience as a polieman in brig. from the 60’s….jim tynan,long key, fl.

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