Reader Feedback: Time for Brigantine Chamber to Step Up.

Brigantine RealtorBrigantine NOW Reader Feedback from Angela Hines-Reynolds:

Going in to 2013 with a nearly $2.5M deficit, I applaud Council for making cuts. As a Realtor, over the past 10 years, we have been faced with situations of long time residents needing to sell because they could no longer afford the escalating taxes.

The brakes need to be put on somewhere & I believe our Council is taking proactive steps to prepare for the future. Faced with the option of eliminating the Tourism Commission, which has been overall ineffectual over the past years, or eliminating needed positions in City Hall, their decision was sound.

It is now time for the Chamber of Commerce to step up & develop a comprehensive business plan to cultivate & promote tourism. I am hopeful that the newly organized Chamber will make positive steps to achieve this goal & that Council will sharpen their pencils and continue their efforts to control the budget.

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