Real Estate Boom on Brigantine Beach, NJ

We’re bullish on Brigantine. We share that enthusiasm everyday, here on the pages of, our Facebook page, Twitter, email newsletter, etc. One super bright spot on the horizon: Brigantine is on the verge of another Real Estate boom. The Internet is a big part of that boom. It reaches the most people…24/7… with pics, video and unlimited info. Newspaper can’t do that. Click thru to WATCH VIDEO.

We see the increase of new home building on the island. Investors are taking notice of this coastal  jewel just across the bridge from Atlantic City. Some would like to keep Brigantine as the ‘best kept secret on the South Jersey shore’. Sounds nice, but that philosophy only brought us higher taxes and stagnant property valuations.

This Internet thingy changes the playing field. Traditional media like TV, Radio and Newspaper are no longer the dominant forms of local information. Real Estate agents, landlords and those who rent their Brigantine home during the Summer are well aware of that fact.

For decades….Home sellers have always demanded the following from Realtors:

  • Get property listed in MLS
  • Put AD in the local Newspaper
  • Take good pictures of property
  • Provide latest, accurate info about property
  • Write compelling description about property

All of that is still really important. Except for the Newspaper part. With Newspaper circulation in a downward tail spin, many brokers and agents know that it’s only a matter of time before they reallocate even more of those Newspaper AD budgets….to Web.

A fast growing trend among home sellers is to ask prospective listing agents about digital marketing. Sellers want to know if the agent knows how to properly market a home using Websites, Google, Facebook, Email, Pinterest and YouTube.

The online MLS is step #1……all agents provide that. But super aggressive agents…. can really stand out from the crowd….and land more listings… doing more digital marketing for their clients.

One hot new offering… is the creation of a “dedicated website” for a property. Many Real Estate companies already offer these services. Some are good, others are not so good.


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1 thought on “Real Estate Boom on Brigantine Beach, NJ”

  1. I agree. Get your listing out thru MLS and reach the world. I bought my property last summer. I had been searching over the internet for 2 years and exclusively used the internet MLS listing sites to find it and my real estate agent!! I will also add that great pictures and extensive description details really make a difference too.

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