Rebuilt Steak 38 Property Hits Legal Snag on Brigantine Beach

A promising Brigantine bar and restaurant revival has been put on hold. One of the current owners of the old Steak 38 property; Mike Snyder, was recently quoted about the future of that newly refreshed building/bar/restaurant on Brigantine Blvd. The new owners tried for the past year to find a use other than a restaurant without success.

Snyder said in the Brigantine Times: “because of a non-compete agreement with a previous business that I sold (Cellar 32), I can’t open it (old Steak 38 Property) as a restaurant. So, at this time, I believe it’s best that I sell my interest in this project and move on to the next one”.

See video tour from Feb of 2014, during the re-build.

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1 thought on “Rebuilt Steak 38 Property Hits Legal Snag on Brigantine Beach”

  1. Steak 38 was a Cherry Hill N.J. Restaurant well before the concept was opened in Brigantine under Joe D’Amore,a former Steak 38 Cherry Hill employee and incorporated many of the exact same menu items with table side service and almost exclusively waiters as opposed to waitresses..It had three separate levels actually with an island themed downstairs bar with occasional live music and some problems with local riff raff,while the second floor was a split dining room with a smaller section for smoking that was set around the more classy bar with live music on the weekends.The third floor was an elevator ride up to a small 80 seat section.while the mid floor sat around 140 people including the smoking area which is now of course persona non grata.There were two large lobster tanks and the menu featured every cut of steak including a beautifull 20 ounce filet for two as well as surf and turf,ciapino for two,and a host of gourmet seafood selections that put dock’s oyster house to shame.The actual problem was a menu that was far too underpriced for the selections and eventually the food costs couldn’t meet the demand and they lost money when they merely should have raised the prices to meet the food costs.The wait staff was very professionally run with veterans from all over Philly,New York and AtlantIc city.I went there on several occasions with the founder of the majik jack Dan Borislow who said he ate there regularly and rated it as the best restaurant in the entire area and when I ate there I couldn’t agree with him more.The food was great and the service was impeccable.I always had a 3 or 4 pound maine lobster fresh from the tank a nd Danny,who has since passed had a dish that the waiter made for him tableside..Hopefuly they work out the issues with the name and get some of the waiters back who were incredible and actually made this place The best restaurant in Atlantic City including those in the casino/hotels.This clown seems like he doesn’t know how to run a restaurant in a competent fashion.Bartenders as cooks?really.Why don’t you just open an olive garden or a red lobster.This guys plans sound like nothing less than a dump.Key west meets Brigantine?I wonder if this man ever ate in Key West or dined in a good seafood restaurant..It would be a real shame if this place goes back to the days when it was run like it was previous to the opening of steak 38 and a really,top of the line place to eat out and bring your friends,a date or just go and fly solo looking for a classy group of people to enjoy a nice night on the town..This place is in a great LOCATION AND COULD BLOW AWAY ANY COMPETITION IN THIS CITY,and I think everyone in Brigantine knows who I’m referring to..It’s just a better situated location for the casinos and it’s high time someone with class who didn’t act like he was a made man made the restaurant scene in the city a class act again.

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