Recent Brigantine Real Estate Transactions

Recent Brigantine Real Estate Transactions…

  • 600 W. Brigantine Ave. Unit 129, Eigenbrood Judith Schneider, Schneider Mary C, Schneider Eigenbrood Judith to Lasorsa Vincent, Lasorsa John, Lasorsa Josephine; 10/1/2013. $320,000…
  • 203 Hagen Road, Nyman Thomas J, Nyman Elizabeth H to Rehill Thomas, Rehill Michele; 10/2/2013. $411,000…
  • 103 Hamilton Place, Bolivar Raymundo, Bolivar Lilia to Cosgrove Dennis P, Cosgrove Darlene R; 10/3/2013. $300,000
  • 22 Lagoon Blvd., Beecher Judith, Beecher Judith B to Tapia Alberto E, Tapia Jennifer E; 10/3/2013. $750,000
  • 313 35th St. South, Callaway Robert, Callaway Michele, Coyle John, Coyle Patricia to Coyle John, Coyle Patricia; 10/4/2013. $146,000
  • 325 43rd St. South, Lepera Marie, Lepera Thomas J, Lentini John, Palange Paul A to Morrone John; 10/4/2013. $575,000
  • 111 Hudson Drive, Mignogna Arthur D, Mignogna Sherry B to Orchard Patricia, Young Edward F; 10/4/2013. $330,000
  • 139 Ninth St. South, Parisi Nina, Parisi Frank to Parisi Clare, Parisi Christopher, Parisi Jennifer, Parisi Stephen; 10/4/2013 $157,000
  • 332b 38th St. South, Dinon Elizabeth, Dinon Primo to Hooven Thomas, Hooven Carolyn; 10/4/2013. $250,000

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