Rental Rat Out. Brigantine Neighbors Asked to See Something, Say Something.

City of Brigantine is asking residents to keep an eye out for those still renting their properties. See something? Say something. In other words, please rat out your neighbor.

Brigantine City Council Hates AirBnB.

To date, Brigantine Mayor Andy Simpson and City Council have placed most of their focus on shutting down online rental marketplaces like AirBnB & VRBO.

Whereas online marketplaces controlled by local real estate offices have been given much more leeway. Rentals are still available for browsing & reserving on most realtor websites.

On April 9, Mayor Simpson told local realtors they can still market, promote & contract with future renters. (as long as refunds are available)


This is a conflict of interest. Mayor Andy Simpson & Councilman Mike Riordan have financial interest in local real estate businesses. Local realtors HATE AirBnB & VRBO type sites.

Never letting a crisis go to waste, Brigantine City Hall is once again picking winners & losers.

Here is letter sent out by Brigantine City Hall on April 16:

In response to COVID-19 Brigantine residents are doing their part to help “flatten the curve” by following Governor Murphy’s Stay at Home order. Surely this is more difficult if there’s a constant stream of vacationers continuing to occupy short-term rentals throughout the city.

At this time if a property is rented short term it not only increases the chance for community transmission of COVID-19, it is considered non-essential travel. As such, the City enacted a resolution, based on NJ State Administrative Order 2020-08, prohibiting all short term rentals (those less than 180 days). It must be stated the City of Brigantine is grateful to host so many guests as a resort town and looks forward to catering to future visitors.

Mayor Simpson & Councilman Riordan.

Unfortunately, at this time, many of our local businesses are either operating with severe reductions in staffing or have closed completely. Our restaurants must only accommodate pick up or delivery orders. The Brigantine Community Center, the playgrounds & the Atlantic City Casinos have complied with the Governor’s order to cease all recreational activities and have closed. Lastly, in an effort to keep employees and their families healthy City Hall remains closed to the public while municipal services are still running remotely with reduced staff.

The City of Brigantine is working with online marketplaces such as Air B&B & VRBO to block off the calendar for future bookings until the State of Emergency is lifted and they will be contacting all their hosts to cancel more immediate bookings.

All of our local real estate offices have been contacted and are working with us.

To allow a new short-term rental at this time not only violates the spirit of Governor Murphy’s travel advisory, it violates municipal law.

If you suspect new guests or seasonal tenants have occupied a short-term rental in your neighborhood, email the suspected address to

Please do not call police dispatch to report an occupancy . By emailing Brig Safe you can help us “flatten the curve” and lessen the strain on Brigantine Police, Fire & EMS departments, as well as our local hospitals and in-patient care services.

The more carefully we all comply with the stay at home order the faster Brigantine can return to business as usual. Any questions related to rental property and code enforcement inspections email

Brigantine Mayor, Andy Simpson

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11 thoughts on “Rental Rat Out. Brigantine Neighbors Asked to See Something, Say Something.”

  1. Let’s rat out the City Administrators. In the interest of health, safety n welfare. They’re self-serving spawn of Mayor Phil Guenther. All inbred. Just look at the Mayor. Goof. Lets check his address?

  2. Like most overpaid bureaucrats, they are too stupid to realize the long term damage they are inflicting on our community. Shame on them!

  3. Airbnb and VRBO are the best because you can charge a cleaning fee, and more importantly, you connect with the renters via phone, email or airbnb and vrbo website.

    Plus, with VRBO, you get a million dollar umbrella for liability, at no cost. You also get to rate your tenants. If they destroy your property, they can’t rent thru them ever again.

    Realtors in Brigantine have rented to people that were thrown out of another place into mine! Then destroyed my place!

    They don’t care who they rent to, as long as they get their 15 percent, which btw, these other companies are 8%. No brainer!

  4. Many of us have a mortgage to pay off. We need the rental income to pay off the mortgage. Without rental income you’ll start seeing many homes going up for sale. Property values going down down down down. And for year-round owners, their property values will also go down, down down down.

  5. Fedup w/ Greenhead politics

    Brigantine can’t tell Airbnb or VRBO to NOT list Brigantine rentals. Vacation homeowners contract with those sites and pay a fee. The sites don’t have a contract with The City of Brigantine. So that nonsense is a lie.

    I doubt anyone is renting short-term now because of the overblown fear mongering. BIG brother needs to sit back and relax.

    Gearing neighbor against neighbor is a sick way to run a town.

  6. We don’t rent our house any longer, but we used to many years ago before Sandy destroyed our beautiful and beloved home. This will be our retirement community. I’ve already attended Zumba sessions at the community center and made many friends last summer.

    If someone dictated to me what I could do with my house, which we’ve paid exorbitant taxes for 20 years, I would hire a lawyer.

    This is a direct infringement upon my rights as an American citizen, taxpayer and homeowner. We take more than adequate steps in making our home pleasing to the eye, but also comfortable inside.

    My husband and I buy beach tags for all of our family members, dine out in all of our local restaurants, purchase groceries at the local Acme, and have our prescriptions transferred to the local CVS for the entire summer. I’m offended by the tone of the news story here.

  7. So what happens to ALL the resident college kids that came home from out of state college campuses? They are ALL back home.

    Are they told DON’T Come to BRIGANTINE? I think not.

    How about all the Florida residents with Brigantine Homes? They are coming back. Are they told don’t come to Brigantine? Why exclude the renters & second homeowners?


    This is why business and home values have done nothing but go down for past 15 years.

  8. James Michaels, Sr.

    at time of 3:24: “The ability to rent someone’s property we (the city) have to have control over…” Who is this old crusty individual with the red Nike Jacket on? Is he for real?

    News Flash, THIS IS NOT A POLICE STATE, this is a public health crisis (if you want to call it that).

    I will be damned if this old bastard is going to control what I worked ALL OF MY LIFE FOR!

    Go to hell and STAY THERE, we don’t need you in Brigantine who ever the hell you are.

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