Repairs To Fix Harbor Beach Cove Collapsing Road Now Underway

Brigantine Repair
Harbor Beach Cove Road Fix

Some good news. After 3 long years of continuing road erosion, The City of Brigantine has started to fix the collapsing road bed along Harbor Beach Cove. Our citizen reporters noted that a contractor called GW Putz was on-site for the past few days.

Will this fix be a long term solution? Or will this work temporarily stop erosion of the road bed until a more long-term solution can be determined? We don’t know.

Building a road on wet sand is not easy. This area features protected grass lands prone to flooding, coupled with limited drainage. It’s certainly an engineer’s challenge.

To date, Brigantine City Mgr Stinson (an engineer by trade) has yet to provide actual & clearly stated documents & contracts detailing work strategy, contractor names, costs, materials & manpower for this specific project.

With construction occurring in and on Brigantine wetlands, we’re glad that GW Putz & City Mgr Stinson were likely given quick EPA approval (Environmental Protection Agency) to deal with this issue.

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2 thoughts on “Repairs To Fix Harbor Beach Cove Collapsing Road Now Underway”

  1. Wow – How much time, effort and finger pointing did it take to get the needed repairs underway? Was the contract found?

    I guess simple answers to questions like why it took so long to begin the work or why the contract lost was not provided to the taxpayers are not going to be answered…. Par for course in good old Brigantine…….

    1. contract details…for this specific project….. never shared. neither was EPA & DEP paperwork. that being said, we’re happy to see this fixed. but Brig avoided this problem for 3 years…..until residents forced them to act. city mgr stinson was not upfront about this.

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