Brigantine FEEDBACK; Police GOOD, Government BAD.

Commentary from Scott S….

I’m forever indebted to the Brigantine’s EMS, PD & FD (& other first response personnel). Not just Brigantine, but all those along the Jersey shore and the rest of our country that have more guts than I do, allowing them to do what they do for the rest of us.
On the other hand, our local Brigantine government clearly has absolutely no plan on how to communicate to the residents and others that care about the status of Brigantine during times of turmoil.
I’m very happy to see that the large majority of people who have left comments are in agreement with me on this. For those of you who differ in opinion, I do respect your viewpoint, I have considered your angle but I COMPLETELY disagree with it!

If it does not come right out and smack you in the face then it’s time to go to the optometrist and get the prescription changed.  For those of you with good eyes or accurate prescriptions, I am sure you noticed right away that other jersey shore websites all have updates about the status of their community during the whole Sandy ordeal.  Some more in depth than others but all of them have at least something to communicate to the outside world (i.e. you & me).  Now look at Brigantine’s site….. Nothin’!  Not a single word.

Now come on!  Seriously… no access to internet, phones and whatever else some of you said they don’t have access to.  JUST STOP IT!  Have you seen the pictures of Long Beach Island?  It looks like Normandy on D-Day over there and somehow they have communicated beautifully to the outside world what is happening on their island…

I have no idea what Brigantine looks like, but my GUESS is that we are likely better off than LBI. All somebody has to do to find out about the status of things on LBI is….. you got it… GO TO THEIR WEBSITE!

It’s 2012, stop making excuses for them and let’s call it like it is.  They have completely dropped the ball here and I for one am not going to make excuses for them. I’m sure they’re all working like dogs right now and I do appreciate that. That does NOT however absolve elected government officials from their DUTY to report back to the people who have elected them in times of craziness like what we have seen the last several days.

Take the time to come up with a plan Brigantine... you can clearly see that we the people of Brigantine are begging you to do so!

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2 thoughts on “Brigantine FEEDBACK; Police GOOD, Government BAD.”

  1. I absolutely 100% agree with everything you said the lack of communication was pathetic. This is why I hate politics they promise you the world until they get elected , when the time comes to do the job that you promised you would do for the people of Brigantine you’re nowhere to be found. Thanks

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