Resident Reaction > Why Does Brigantine Mayor Reject Jaworski Golf Deal?

Polillo: I asked Council in December to present the last offer from Jaworski Golf to the citizens of Brigantine. We were told that the Solicitor was preparing an agreement (contract) that would be presented to Council for a vote. We have heard nothing to date!

I think it’s PAST DUE the time for our taxpayers to know what’s on the table about the Links at Brigantine.

It’s no secret that the current majority of Guenther/Simpson/Sera/Bew supports a non-profit running of the golf course. This option has been a disaster in EHT with McCullough’s Emerald Links.

The taxpayers have not seen a penny since the City of Brigantine bought the course. The “Golf Utility” was supposed to make a payment in lieu of taxes, NEVER HAPPENED.

The Golf Course was to never cost the taxpayers a cent…. with the 2013 and 2014 losses the taxpayers have subsidized the course by over $1,000,000 dollars. In addition there was over $700,000 spent that has yet to bonded. This in addition to the outstanding debt of $1.6 million that has to be paid regardless of who operates the golf course.

It’s time for the City of Brigantine to stop pretending to be golf operators… and let the professionals handle it.

As I stated to Council, instead of worrying about a non profit… how about a NON-LOSS! Just having the name recognition of Jaworski Golf will be beneficial to our homeowners along the course, and the business owners on the Island that will be visited by players. The publicity of a Celebrity Golf Tournament with many professional athletes will boost home sales and business. The Taxpayers deserve to know “what the deal is”.

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5 thoughts on “Resident Reaction > Why Does Brigantine Mayor Reject Jaworski Golf Deal?”

  1. Brigantine is vacation town with great beaches. Everytime I come on this site there is something bad. Businesses closing and no progress forward for the town. If the voters don`t get rid of the people in power maybe the State of New Jersey needs to move in. The town needs to do something to reinvent itself. There is so much to offer but no one has any vision.

  2. Gov. Christie is to busy trying to salvage his reputation because he has mismanaged the rebuilding of Atlantic city. So why would he give any attention to brigantine? Besides the gov is focusing on the White House. Not that he has a chance look at how he has handled NJ. Since our town is so corrupt why don’t we sell the golf course and build homes on the site. That way our corrupt brigantine government can tax the hell out of the new houses too.

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