Residents Along Brigantine Golf Course Endure Property Damage and Possible Injury.

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The Links at Brigantine Golf is considered one of the island’s best kept secrets.

18 holes surrounded by quiet neighborhoods, residential streets and back yards. It’s scenic and serene. But watch out for those incoming golf balls.

At the Sept. 3 Brigantine council meeting, neighbors asked how the city can resolve the issue. Car windows getting smashed. Pedestrian pelted in the stomach by sliced golf ball.

Increasingly dangerous. Safety of our children at stake. It’s getting worse.

Brigantine neighbor

Some have installed protective netting. Even planted trees on their property to deflect incoming projectiles.

A petition might be circulating that would put pressure on Councilperson Karen Bew who heads the golf course committee. Still waiting for public response and plan from Ms. Bew.

City of Brigantine says golfers are responsible for any damage to neighboring property.

Personal danger. Don’t want to wait til someone gets really hurt.

The Links at Brigantine Golf once caught the eye of Golf Club management expert, Ron Jaworski. The former football star could have turned the struggling course into a marketing and financial grand slam.

Then mayor, Phil Guenther and most of City Council decided to take a pass. Jaworski was gonna run the course like a business, not a taxpayer-funded club for insiders.

Today, the Links golf course no longer operating as a for-profit.

Does the course operate at a loss? Substantial loss?

Subsidized by taxpayers.

Bew rarely discusses Links Golf Course profit and loss.

Public comment: Brigantine golf course should be used for marketing of island. Why hide it?

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5 thoughts on “Residents Along Brigantine Golf Course Endure Property Damage and Possible Injury.”

  1. what came first, the golf course or the homes. (the answer is the course, in the 1920s!) you buy a home ON A COURSE in a hot zone where errant teeshots or approaches might land, that is on you for not doing your due diligence when purchasing. always trying to blame someone else for problems…i made sure i bought my home not in the hot zone on the course. i get beautiful views and haven’t had to concern myself with a single shot because i made sure to do my homework!

  2. The golf course people who complain about golf balls flying reminds me of the people who purchase homes by an airport and complain about the Jet engine noise. Suck it up, it was your choice!

  3. I love my home on the golf course. Yes there are some errant shots but guess what, no neighbors in the back yard… it.

  4. help with what, moving your home away from the course you bought on and didnt do your research to see if it was a hotzone for golf balls, shame on you! course was there since the 20s, your house was built when, the 70s-80s?

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