Respect Brigantine to Challenge City Report on Petition

The grass roots organization; Respectable Government for Brigantine, received petition results from the City Clerk’s office on Wednesday. The petition was to place a referendum on the ballot, in order to vote on the change of local government structure. Organizers report that the petition results are being challenged and the necessary replacement signatures needed to offset any invalid signatures, have been obtained.

Representatives from expressed satisfaction with the overwhelming response from Brigantine citizens to let the people decide the size and scope of the local government.

According to a report in the Beachcomber News, a memo by Brigantine City Clerk Lynn Sweeney said the language in the petition did not conform mandatory language. The Faulkner Act states that there is a statutory provision for the affidavits filed with the city clerk.

The memo states that “In view of the form and manner of presentation of the petition sheets without circulators affidavits attached… as required by N.J.S.A. 40:69A-186, the petition in its entirety is insufficient.” Brigantine City Solicitor Fred Scerni also reviewed the petition and determined that the affidavits were incorrectly submitted per the Faulkner Act.

Read Beachcomber News here.

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