No Respect and No Votes. Brigantine Part-Time Residents.

Shoobies, Foots and Bennies. Terms of endearment or deep rooted disgust directed at Brigantine’s largest taxpayer group and those that bring lots of spending money to the island? See Press of Atlantic Story on Brigantine FOOT scandal.

Some members of city council say the ‘anti-shoobie’ vibe from a group of full time residents is just an old wives tale. We think city council needs to get out more.

Brigantine Shoobie Camerota Wynkoop Republican

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1 thought on “No Respect and No Votes. Brigantine Part-Time Residents.”

  1. Can someone post a very specific definition of shoobie? I want to see if I fall in the category and understand why someone would HATE me? HATE me for buying a place near a beach? HATE me for not being a full time local resident?

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