Rod & Reel Liquor License for Sale?

Reports suggest that the liquor license for the Rod and Reel Tavern is being sold at auction by the State of New Jersey Division of Taxation on Wednesday, May 1st.

Will the Rod and Reel re-open as the go-to place for full time Brigantiners? Or will a developer turn that prime piece of waterfront property into a residential property?

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5 thoughts on “Rod & Reel Liquor License for Sale?”

  1. somebody needs to preserve this place its a part of history on the island,you don’t need another 3 story condo, you can barely see the water anywhere on the island now!Every town needs a local corner bar to watch a game ,have a beer ,or get a scoop on whats going on and not get over charged because it a seasonal over decorated place.

    1. i agree,we kneed the rod to stay the rod it is the caracter of this island,it is neighbor hood people enjoying each other talking about stories and there lives. this island is soo magical that is why we all love it soo much hear,we deffenitly do not more 3 story condos,we need a meating place with good food and friends. fran chambers

  2. We need the Rod — to stay the rod. We do not need any more condos sitting empty. Let save the Rod for all or us a place we can go and be with good friends.

  3. If only that low life Tom paid his bills and actually ran the rod like a business, it would be open by now. He had a gold mine and ran it into the ground! Low life scum!

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