Court at Rum Point Construction Begins in Brigantine

Court at Rum Point is the name of the new development being built on Brigantine Beach. That’s the name you see on the sign at the base of the Bridge as you enter our Island. The land, at one time considered Atlantic City, will eventually feature 14 houses in a cul-de-sac setting.

According to The Brigantine Times and former Brigantine Mayor; John Rogge, that piece of land was originally part of Atlantic City. But in the early 60’s, AC was in desperate need of sand. Brigantine offered Atlantic City tons of sand in exchange for that parcel of land.

Any taxes collected from properties on that so-called ‘Rum Point’ site, will go to Brigantine. The City of Brigantine approved the water and sewer hookup, the Brigantine Fire Department gave approval for safety.

The outgoing side of the bridge, is part of Atlantic City. Anything built there will have any property taxes collected going to Atlantic City. All emergency services will be supplied by Atlantic City. Sewer and water would be using Brigantine resources.

The views of the inlet and the Atlantic City casinos are spectacular there. This is just one more sign that Brigantine Beach is a prime investment, and our little island is on a massive rebound.

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4 thoughts on “Court at Rum Point Construction Begins in Brigantine”

  1. I would love to see a “rebound” in Brigantine, but we need some more stores that attract summer visitors as well as year round residents. The other very important thing we need is more restaurants. No more “pizza” places, but something like the one that closed …Mickey’s Raw Bar and upstairs, Steak 38. They had something for everyone, but our Chamber of Commerce (or who ever handles this) doesn’t seem interested in drawing new food establishments.

  2. I agree, we definitely need more restaurants and places to generate revenue. We have enough houses. Also, what’s the deal with the old Burger King? Maybe a Wendy’s will do. Get it together City Hall!

  3. I would be great to see the center of town get a facelift too. Pour new sidewalks and make the crappy stores clean up their signage and store fronts. Lets get the island out of the 60’s!

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