Rum Point in Brigantine. Premium Waterfront Real Estate.

Rum Point Brigantine
Time is right for RUM POINT in Brigantine.

With a mini-building boom in Brigantine, Rum Point is being re-introduced to the market. Good timing. See Brigantine Homes For Sale.

Rum Point is a prime parcel of land. On the inlet, adjacent to the Brigantine Bridge. Potential of 14 single family homes. Water views and oversized lots.

At this time, individual lots are not being sold.

Rum Point Development. Entire lot is available to a suitable developer.

Rum Point overlooks Brigantine’s Cove, Lagoon, Atlantic City Inlet, Skyline and Brigantine Bridge.

Rum Point has quite the turbulent past. Decades of deals that never panned out. DEP & CAFRA often playing role. Here’s a small sample:


48 acre vacant tract in Brigantine. Also known as Rum Point Island, located at corner of Absecon Channel and St. Georges Thorofare, close to where Absecon Inlet empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Rum Point Island is one in a series of ‘stepping stone’ islands in the bay area behind Brigantine Barrier Island  and Absecon Barrier Island. (upon which Atlantic City is located)

According to former Brigantine Mayor; John Rogge, that piece of land was originally part of Atlantic City.

As fate would have it, back in the early 60’s, Atlantic City was desperate for sand. Brigantine had plenty, thanks to the inlet jetty.

Brigantine offered Atlantic City tons of sand, in exchange for that parcel of land.

Brigantine Real Estate Deals

14 pre-build lots. Starting at $349,000. Buy the lot, and build your own custom home. Bank currently looking for developer to buy entire parcel.

Spectacular Views of Atlantic City Casinos at Rum Point, Brigantine.

  • Very private site overlooking Absecon Inlet.
  • 10 minute drive into Atlantic City
  • 20 minute drive to Atlantic City International Airport

Brigantine Beach is a prime investment. This little island is on a massive rebound.

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