Safety Hazard on Buzzkill Beach. Dodging Traffic for Ice Cream

Welcome to Buzz-kill Beach, where even Ice Cream trucks are not welcome? WATCH VIDEO>> See your tax dollars at work as Brigantine City Government makes sure nobody’s having too much fun this summer.

Moms and dads along our sandy shoreline are asking why the Brigantine City Manager and our new Police Chief are forcing kids to cross busy streets for a fudgy-wudgy. So called ‘complaints’ about ice-cream vendor bell ringing have proven to be overblown and virtually non-existent. So what gives?

Some say past city administrators put overly strict & selectively enforced rules in place to stifle competition from those not connected to old school Brigantine ‘elite’.

Watch this incredible NBC-TV 10 report:

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25 thoughts on “Safety Hazard on Buzzkill Beach. Dodging Traffic for Ice Cream”

  1. For Pete’s Sake! Just let them sell ice cream where ever on this island! Who cares! I go to the beach almost everyday and the bells never bothered me. What bothers me now, is that my kids have to run 2 football field lengths to get ice cream.

    Ice cream+sun+beach=best summer ever when you’re a kid. Give these ice cream guys a break! And the parents and the kids!

  2. Kathy Rebmann Lane

    I was in Brigantine last week and my granddaughters and daughters had to walk a block from the beach to get ice cream. That is crazy. Come on ice cream and the beach go way back. I remember them walking with the ice box when I was a child.

    Give you tongue a sleigh ride..Get your fudgie wudgie .

    1. You are correct. For 2 years she let Jack and Jill vendors push carts on the areas of the beach that were reserved for Veterans.

      She also gave a non – bid contract ,for free, to Paul Vanderign last summer. (The area of beach from 36th street south to the end of the island was given away for free.)

      A blatant state violation.

      But bell ringing is a problem for her.

  3. Christina Griggs Betances

    Cant ring a bell for ice cream but demolition and construction is ok at 8am on the weekends and 7am on the weekdays. Brigantine is not the same, smh, time to get out of here…

  4. Amy Bechtle Peacock

    So silly, really if the bell was the issue, I’m sure the vendors would have come up with an alternative. This week my nephew had to take the two teenage children up and buy all ice cream. The 5 little ones lost that excitement of running up and picking their own. Seriously, what is going on?

    Are we going to ban crying children soon or stop teenagers from cackling after each other. Maybe the guards should stop using their whistles. The beach is not a quiet place. Noise can’t really be the issue, correct?

  5. I’m glad I left that island. Classic example of too much government, and too many special favors.

  6. Christina Griggs Betances

    Cant ring a bell for ice cream but demolition and construction is ok at 8am on the weekends and 7am on the weekdays?

    Brigantine is not the same, smh, time to get out of here…

  7. Melissa Matthews Swierczynski

    Omg .. Ringing the bell is the biggest issue?

    I would say we should worry about all the empty stores.

    I happen to like the bell ringing, it’s the old farts that complain .. This is absolutely ridiculous

  8. John W. Pucci Sr.

    Are the Church bells on Saturday evening and Sunday mornings next to get the x-nae. I hear them from several blocks away, and they sound wonderful.

    Ice Cream bells and on the beach in the summer, and hearing “Ice Cream-Ice Cream” are the sounds of summer in a shore community. We are fortunate that Brigantine has such a beautiful beach. A beach that throws many thousands of dollars into the city’s budget, and our community.

    Surely this issue has a reasonable solution. But again, as many other issues in the past 18 months have been poorly managed, Brigantine continues to receive a bad name. The Ice Cream contracts have been mismanaged from the beginning, that is why there is no time to re bid for this year.

    Eagerly waiting for a resignation from the city manager who doesn’t have a contract anyway.

  9. Bring the ice cream back to the beach. And, oh by the way don’t blame the old folks for complaining. I’m one of the old folk and I think it’s a crime that the city government is so screwed up that kids, or anyone, can’t enjoy buying ice cream while on the beach.

  10. Corky Foley Van Meter

    The whole thing is silly. Please vote them out. Get some young, smart people in to turn this town around.

  11. The City is anti business. If you’re not in their inner-circle, they send out the fire inspector or the code enforcement officer. (scare tactic)
    The police should not be telling the ice cream vendors to stop. Very petty. Let the businesses just do business.

    1. I doubt the Police are “just telling” the Ice Cream guys to stop. I think the PD was probably “instructed” to do so. … Brigantine PD is a very kind and friendly department, in general. ORDERS must have been issued. BTW- the article mentions the ‘old school’ Brigantine “elite” – Elite???? a Big LOL on that one…

      1. Agreed. Brig Police are the best. Cool, fair, firm. Nicest guys & gals too… but ya better stay within the speed limit 🙂
        Orders coming from very top.

        1. You are correct most cops are cool. It’s city manager and her newly appointed chief of police.

          Mgr needs to go. Who else could she get to enforce such frivolous rules!!!

          Deliberately destroying Vets ice cream business.

      2. It was a direct order by Jennifer Blumenthal and gladly enforced by Pussy Chip Reid.
        (As they enjoyed 2 hours lunches at LaGuana grill during work hours.

        Most of the cops are great !

  12. Elizabeth Young

    Unbelievable! Nothing for children in Brig. Notice all the “For Sale” signs. Highest taxes around and nothing to do there. Can’t even buy ice cream. Although it is a beautiful island.

  13. These are veterans who served our country. The least you can do is let them make a living so they can support their families. Or, we’ll have to pay for them later with social services.

  14. That’s ridicules…those guys work hard to provide a great service for the kids on the island that are mostly vacationers who parents spend money, rent and buy homes here…stop the BS or they will just go to Ocean city or another beach city…and I bet if and when we have another huge hurricane that hits NJ again those venders will be the first help this city any way they can…Let them ring the bells and make kids enjoy there summer…maybe a group of kids should get together and ring the bells on the beach for them….

  15. I used to call it “Brigantine Under the Sea”, thinking that the sea would reclaim this island, 1/3 of which is built on a dump.
    .Nothing has changed since I moved away in 1973.

    Come on, Hurricanes! I thought Sandy would fulfill my thoughts of “Brigantine Under the Sea.” Maybe the next big storm will engulf the small minds that run that town. YUK.

  16. Brenda, the insensitivity of your comment, considering so many people in Brigantine lost their homes to Hurricane Sandy is just incredibly OBTUSE.

  17. We don’t live in Brigantine. Nor do we rent here. Brigantine is a superb town and beach, simply put a treasure! Everyone needs to relax and sit back and reconsider all of this arguing. Be thank ful perhaps that we all have such a treasure, can afford to vacation here and enjoy such a beautiful place-with or without ice cream bells or ice cream on the beach. If you put the news on you will see such devasting events that’s puts it all in perspective! Btw, my kids are yelling at me for writing this – but come on guys – read what you are complaining about.

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