The Future of Brigantine’s Last Motel. The Seagull Saga

At one time, Brigantine was brimming with places to stay. Accommodations like the beachfront ‘Seagull Motel‘ made it easy for visitors to stay a night or a long weekend. Over the years, these important Brigantine businesses vanished. Some say it was due short-sighted decisions by local politicians that opened the spigots for condo conversions and tear-downs.

So started the draconian destruction of Brigantine as a thriving weekend & day-tripper destination. Tourism, shops, restaurants and attractions like the Brigantine Castle slowly disappeared from the local landscape.

With the exodus of motels went thousands of visitors denied a short-term place to stay overnight. This bad move had a direct, negative effect on local eateries & retail stores. Motel rooms and the many connected jobs are critical to a Jersey shore economy like Brigantine Beach. But Brigantine leaders had short-term dollar signs in their eyes. These elected officials had the power to freely adjust zoning regulations. They also had the freedom to kill off future economic growth & revenue from day-trippers & weekend warriors via our once robust motel economy.

As the Atlantic City casinos grew, Brigantine motel owners cashed out and turned their housing operations into condos or lots ready for million dollar homes. Super-high valuations made it tough not to sell. Brigantine Chamber of Commerce Ken Shaffer Tony Pullella

The last remaining motel that has dug in and held on….is the ‘Seagull’. Still owned and operated by the daughter of the original owner/builders, the Seagull Motel was built after the storm of 1962. While this perfectly located, beachfront property with 28 units has seen better days, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the amazing potential of this land, building and business.

The Seagull Motel on Brigantine Beach is an amazing piece of commercial property. Investors and developers are circling.

One thing that’s clear but never discussed in the local media: it’s been confirmed that The Seagull Motel BUSINESS is an LLC partnership between the 74 year old owner of the Seagull Motel & Ken Shaffer; a local Brigantine resident and board member of the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce. See business LLC document filed in Atlantic County on December 28, 2012. ( see associated document )

Seagull LLC
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We think the Seagull Motel is one of the most valuable pieces of Real Estate on Brigantine Beach.

Don’t let the 70’s facade fool you. This commercial building is built like a concrete tank. It’s waterfront location, seemingly un-affected by Hurricane Sandy, makes it even more of a hidden investment jewel. Many, including us, would love to see it get overhauled into totally refreshed motel/hotel. Some say a developer might just bulldoze it, and slap up 8 waterfront homes.

The Seagull Motel on Brigantine Beach has incredible upside potential as the island’s only motel, just 2 minutes from Atlantic City.

It’s no secret. Brigantine desperately needs a place for people to stay for an overnight getaway..or a 3 day weekend. Any hotel investors out there? You would have a virtual monopoly.

So far, we’re not sure what Seagull LLC partner; Ken Schaffer has up his sleeve in regards to the future of this business. As far as we can see, nothing much has changed….yet….at the Seagull.

We asked Mr. Schaffer for details. ‘No comment’ was the reply. Still no comment from the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce as well.

Hopefully, we’ll see something soon.

We look forward to getting an update on what Mr. Shaffer has achieved with his Seagull partnership in 2013-2014.

We wish Mr. Shaffer and all of his supporters the best of luck in this much needed Brigantine project.

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