The Future of Brigantine’s Last Motel. The Seagull Saga

At one time, Brigantine was brimming with places to stay. Accommodations like the beachfront ‘Seagull Motel‘ made it easy for visitors to stay a night or a long weekend. Over the years, these important Brigantine businesses vanished. Some say it was due short-sighted decisions by local politicians that opened the spigots for condo conversions and tear-downs.

So started the draconian destruction of Brigantine as a thriving weekend & day-tripper destination. Tourism, shops, restaurants and attractions like the Brigantine Castle slowly disappeared from the local landscape.

With the exodus of motels went thousands of visitors denied a short-term place to stay overnight. This bad move had a direct, negative effect on local eateries & retail stores. Motel rooms and the many connected jobs are critical to a Jersey shore economy like Brigantine Beach. But Brigantine leaders had short-term dollar signs in their eyes. These elected officials had the power to freely adjust zoning regulations. They also had the freedom to kill off future economic growth & revenue from day-trippers & weekend warriors via our once robust motel economy.

As the Atlantic City casinos grew, Brigantine motel owners cashed out and turned their housing operations into condos or lots ready for million dollar homes. Super-high valuations made it tough not to sell. Brigantine Chamber of Commerce Ken Shaffer Tony Pullella

The last remaining motel that has dug in and held on….is the ‘Seagull’. Still owned and operated by the daughter of the original owner/builders, the Seagull Motel was built after the storm of 1962. While this perfectly located, beachfront property with 28 units has seen better days, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the amazing potential of this land, building and business.

The Seagull Motel on Brigantine Beach is an amazing piece of commercial property. Investors and developers are circling.

One thing that’s clear but never discussed in the local media: it’s been confirmed that The Seagull Motel BUSINESS is an LLC partnership between the 74 year old owner of the Seagull Motel & Ken Shaffer; a local Brigantine resident and board member of the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce. See business LLC document filed in Atlantic County on December 28, 2012. ( see associated document )

Seagull LLC
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We think the Seagull Motel is one of the most valuable pieces of Real Estate on Brigantine Beach.

Don’t let the 70’s facade fool you. This commercial building is built like a concrete tank. It’s waterfront location, seemingly un-affected by Hurricane Sandy, makes it even more of a hidden investment jewel. Many, including us, would love to see it get overhauled into totally refreshed motel/hotel. Some say a developer might just bulldoze it, and slap up 8 waterfront homes.

The Seagull Motel on Brigantine Beach has incredible upside potential as the island’s only motel, just 2 minutes from Atlantic City.

It’s no secret. Brigantine desperately needs a place for people to stay for an overnight getaway..or a 3 day weekend. Any hotel investors out there? You would have a virtual monopoly.

So far, we’re not sure what Seagull LLC partner; Ken Schaffer has up his sleeve in regards to the future of this business. As far as we can see, nothing much has changed….yet….at the Seagull.

We asked Mr. Schaffer for details. ‘No comment’ was the reply. Still no comment from the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce as well.

Hopefully, we’ll see something soon.

We look forward to getting an update on what Mr. Shaffer has achieved with his Seagull partnership in 2013-2014.

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26 thoughts on “The Future of Brigantine’s Last Motel. The Seagull Saga”

    1. it seems to be that all investors that are with their hands in the cookie jar have interest( make money for themselves )and not to use it to keep the money in brigantine for brigantine residents and store owners..

  1. My family stayed here several years ago, booked it online. It was a filthy dump , needed to be torn down .
    She wouldn’t give us our money back we were had.
    Once a resident in Brigantine for many years.

  2. anyway yes, it’s obvious Mr Schaffer is frothing at the mouth and taking advantage of a older lady that couldn’t tell you what day it is. I don’t think her son is too swift either.

    1. william randolph

      This place is a filthy dump and anyone who stays here is insane! The woman who owns this place has no son. She is evil and between her and the rundown nature of this place will ruin your trip. The only way to make this place work is to tear it down.

      1. Agree 1,000 percent with what William Randolph says. Especially the owner named Sally. She is (no exaggeration) without a doubt, one of the most bitter and miserable people I have ever encountered, but the worst thing is, if you stay at her Motel/Garbage Pit, you will start to become bitter and miserable too. Her attitude is infectious.

      2. Totally agree with last commenter. To call this place a dump is a complete understatement. Sally Schierstedt is an evil woman and will absolutely ruin your trip. Disgusting rooms, horrific worn out decorating, tacky furnishings, sheer hell. And what she charges per night is just horrendous. There is no way this place could be renovated. Tear it down and good riddance!

  3. Something just does not sound right here. It sound like the two are up to no good and trying to scam the property from the old lady. Do you really think the two have a kind heart and want to help or just want to help for her money. Needs to be reported to local , state and federal authorities.

    1. Dude, if anyone is doing the scamming, it’s not the gentlemen. You could not be more wrong. Poor old lady you think Sally is? Yes? Stay there for one weekend and you’ll change your attitude quick.

  4. Does every single commercial deal on this island get scrutinized by BrigantineNOW in the same way? What is the fascination with Sally? I personally know the two individuals involved and they have helped Sally immensely.

    Mr. Smith before casting stones or making accusations, maybe you ought to get the facts straight or even talk to Sally. Enough of this mud already!

    1. Hi Maryann,
      Thx for input. This article is clearly written in positive light. Not sure what accusations/mud you are referring to. Please re-read post. We are fully supportive of anyone who will make the Seagull a thriving business again. Maybe you can provide some input as to your involvement with Seagull stuff? We always appreciate your feedback.

    2. We usually have great interest in large & and/or unique Real Estate situations in Brigantine. We wish BrigantineNOW was around when the land that CVS now occupies, was in play. You should watch the video where Mike Brennan & his ‘mixed-use committee’ were conveniently kept out of the loop while the CVS deal was going down. Just imagine how vibrant our lighthouse area could be today….if it was mixed-use. But no…..we get a CVS. ( a great one…but we really didn’t need it )

    3. ms.sally isnt bitter just tired of all the things going on and people not being honest with her.I personally know sally better than anyone on the island or in the state of new jersey (sally isnt mean she just way way over due for a vacation to clear up her head and for a change enjoy herself) her last vacation was in the late 80s. I would love to see her but have my own matters going on . good luck sally ..

      1. So Sally needs a vacation and that is the reason she’s so rude? Meaning motel guests are supposed to feel sorry for her? Take a damn vacation, lady, if that is what it would take. Guests at this dump shouldn’t have to worry about her taking a vacation. All they know is how horrible this old hag is. At the rates she charges, she still has the nerve to be a pathetic woman who ruins everyone’s trip that has the bad luck of staying there. I can’t say enough rotten things about this place. And I’m not exaggerating either.

  5. Elderly Harlem Woman Swindled Out of Multi-Million Dollar Property

    It was a classic set-up: a trusting, elderly woman with a valuable property and a clever con to separate one from the other.
    Brooklyn lawyer Ifeanyichukwu Eric Abakporo and Latanya Pierce have been arrested for allegedly scamming an elderly woman out of her multi-million-dollar property in Harlem, then convincing the bank to give them a $1.8 million mortgage loan on the home, according to Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara.
    Mr. Abakporo, 52, a Nigerian citizen and resident of Queens and Ms. Pierce, 43, of Brooklyn have been charged with wire fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud conspiracy and bank fraud conspiracy.
    In March 2006, Mr. Abakporo and Ms. Pierce, who worked in the Brooklyn law office with him, cultivated a relationship with the elderly woman, who had owned an apartment building at 1070 St. Nicholas Avenue for more than 40 years.
    The two earned the victim’s trust, the U.S. Attorney’s office said, by offering to help her manage the property. But the alleged deceit started almost immediately, with the dastardly duo pocketing renters’ money.
    Next, they convinced the woman to sell them her building for $3.1 million, presenting her with multiple fake and fraudulent checks at the closing, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office. Unsatisfied by this simple act of fraud, the pair then allegedly persuaded the woman to return the checks to them, assuring her they’d protect the money and giving her a “private mortgage” in the property—i.e. agreeing to monthly payments on the money she’d effectively loaned to them.
    Although the pair had snatched the victim’s property at that point, Mr. Abakporo and Ms. Pierce decided to push their luck even further, taking out a $1.8 million loan on the property after persuading a bank that they’d bought it for $3.1 million, the attorney’s office said.
    Not surprisingly, the loan was never repaid and the property went into default.
    If Mr. Abakporo and Ms. Pierce are convicted, they face decades in prison. Mr. Abakporo is being held on bail set at $1 million. Ms. Pierce was released on bail set at $500,00o.
    Alas, it’s not the first time that scam artists have preyed on elderly ladies with valuable property, and it probably won’t be the last.

    Atlantic County Division of Intergenerational Services
    Shoreview Building, Room 210
    101 South Shore Road
    Northfield, NJ 08225
    Phone: 609-645-5965
    After Hrs: 1-888-426-9243

    Atlantic County Prosecutors Office

    Division of Consumer Affairs
    Department of Law and Public Safety
    PO Box 45027
    Newark, NJ 07101
    Toll free: 1-800-242-5846 (NJ)
    TTY: 973-504-6588
    Fax: 973-648-3538

    County Offices

    Atlantic County Division of Consumer Affairs
    1333 Atlantic Ave.
    Atlantic City, NJ 08401

  6. I used to stay at the seagull years ago. up until 7 years ago. Now that Atlantic cty lost its appeal I stopped going.because of all the new casinos opening elsewhere. Sally always treated me and my family well. She loved seeing my little dog. Last time I spoke with her she told me how she hated the internet because of some of the bad reviews the hotel received.

    Someone needs to contact the state of NJ and report elder abuse.

    1. B.S., Dave, pure B.S. You have not got even a small clue as to who this woman is and how rotten she is to everyone in her sight. And maybe she wouldn’t be so angry at the Internet Reviews of her dump — motel if they weren’t spot-on correct. Truth hurts, doesn’t it, Sally? Huh?

      1. You seem extremely angry about something. Maybe you should grow up and move on. I’m sure Sally won’t care if you never come back.

  7. Where Mr. Shaeffer treds , Mr Pulella walks not far behind. Watch for a take over and the opening of a motel with ALL FLOORS IN USE including a New Beach Bar and New Restaurant.

  8. If I were Sally I’d get myself a GOOD lawyer and sell it to highest bidder as long as it’s a non profit and can benefit Brigantine in all ways. By the way, first time back to the grill that the food used to be good at. Nice cosmetic changes!!
    BUT what’s with the loud terrible music that Brigantine police are allowing and the restaurant is hiring call the AMISH OUTLAWS I heard last nite at a table outside next to the building. So loud and awful . Don’t the neighbors mind ?? I remember the nice one or two piece quiet cover music where the guys set up on the actual beach not that monstacity of a stage. So many better cover bands ! Sorry. My girlfriend said they play every single weekend? Really! Never again. Had to leave quickly. Service not great either ! I guess the people don’t complain that the musics too loud and the band doesn’t know any better! Cops being paid I guess because they even made a comment last night that if the cops have a problem “they oughta join in” HA! Point is that you guys don’t need that kinda music. It’s not classy place anymore. So obnoxious and food went downhill from 3 years ago. Maybe concentrate on that so that SEAGULL doesn’t produce another of its kind!

  9. Forgot to mention that the restaurant I’m referring to is LAGUNA GRILL and BAR
    The fries are still good though but the crab cake sandwich and the fish taco dish were not good

    1. Laguna’s food always disappoints us. Ordered an $18 lobster roll last Friday. It was the size of a slider. When I mentioned the to the staff, they said they had lots of complaints. They just don’t care. Only good point is the view.

      The Cove is getting much better because they are really trying to please now.

  10. My wife and I had a nice four-day stay at The Sea Gull. Our rooms were spacious and the ocean view was fantastic from both the private balcony and the living room. We enjoyed watching the sun rise every morning. The owner Sally allowed our dog to stay with us. She was very nice and helpful.

  11. Tina Costick-Brooks

    I went to pick up beach badges last year from the rec center and was told by the gentleman at the front desk to steer clear of the Seagull. Apparently even the residents of Brigantine know how toxic she is and what a dump the seagull is.

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