Seagull Motel in Brigantine NJ for Sale.

Is the Seagull Motel on Brigantine Beach finally ready for sale? That’s the buzz about this prime piece of beach front property on the northern end of Brigantine Ave. The Seagull Motel of Brigantine is now back on the MLS; Multiple Listing Service.

In need of upgrades and serious, tender loving care, The Seagull Motel features 28 units. It opened on 4th of July weekend of 1967. Today, the building & and the land it sits on, is still owned by the daughter of the original builder & owner. Filed documents suggest that the business entity known as the ‘Seagull Motel LLC’ has recently turned into a partnership that includes Brigantine resident; Ken Shaffer, who is also on the board of directors of the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce.

We understand that local Realtors, outside investors and others interested in this beachfront property have made inquiries into acquiring this Brigantine landmark. It’s unknown if the Seagull Motel would remain a motel, be converted to condos, or demolished to make way for new homes.

Based on lot size, it seems a developer could possibly turn this land into 4 beach front homes. Most of us would like to see it upgraded and re-launched as a much needed motel. The land value could be worth approximately 3+ million dollars. We contacted Seagull LLC partner; Ken Shaffer for comments. He declined our request.

Asking price on the local MLS for the Seagull Motel is $7.5 million. What will it go for? Who knows. But after all these years, a sale of the Seagull Motel in Brigantine could be just around the corner.

We hope the Seagull gets sold to a buyer with good intentions.

Looks like our island is finally being noticed by the outside world. Investors are taking notice of our under-valued seashore community. Could another Brigantine Real Estate boom be on the horizon? We think so.


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