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Brigantine Public Employees enjoy some of the best healthcare benefits anywhere. They pay some of the lowest deductibles too. Good for them. Who can fault them for taking a benefits package that’s so great and rare…’ll think the following pages are a misprint.

Can we afford this? Is YOUR health care this good? What do you think? Leave your comments below for Mayor Guenther & City Manager Stinson’s review.

Brigantine taxpayers pay over $2 million per year for Brigantine employee health premiums.

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5 thoughts on “SEE > Brigantine Public Employee Healthcare Benefit Package”

  1. I work for a major healthcare insurer in Philadelphia with over 5 million members and pay roughly $13,000.00 annually for personal choice for my spouse and myself.
    Must be nice Brigantine. Enjoy it now because all of this will becoming to an end. These numbers are unsustainable and with the middle class on the decline there will be no second homeowners to support the outrageous benefits being provided to the locals/friends/relatives.
    “All good things come to an end”

  2. WHO is running the show in Brigantine? SANTA? Seems that someone should be FIRED for doing such a bad job- very POOR performance

  3. WOW!

    I’m on record as saying the Brigantine city employee healthcare rivaled US Senators…I stand corrected, it easily SURPASSES US Senator healthcare! Hey, Booker and Menendez Greenhead

    What is missing; employee contributions
    Typically employers subsidize a portion of the employee coverage, whereby the employee would pay a portion their coverage and 100% of other dependent/family member coverage.
    I’m betting that Brigantine subsidizes most of the elected coverage whether it be single, employee spouse or family!

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