Shoobie Term No Longer Acceptable. Period.

BrigantineNOW Reader Feedback…from Terry….

Thru out my life no matter where I have vacationed, out of towners are referred to as shoobies. We all know it’s a derogatory term but it remains just the same. Many of us can ignore it or accept it with pride.

And there will always be that small group that insists on its use. It is what it is and we are who we are. I’m sure those shoebox lunch travelers of long ago didn’t mean to be singled out. It was probably because of economic times that they did what they did.

Keep in mind, that just because a term was coined 50+ years ago doesn’t mean it is correct for today’s use. And yes, we pay our taxes but we do not interfere with the political workings of the island. We accept that the year round residents vote and have all our interests at heart when they do.

BUT, it wasn’t until Superstorm Sandy hit, that we realized how cruel this small group of bullies are and how vocal they can be. Everyone’s emotions ran high for a very long time as we awaited news that we could return to our homes.

It didn’t matter if we lived on Brigantine year round or just summers. We were all in the same situation hoping our beloved Brigantine survived.

I and members of my family experienced the loss this disaster brought forth at home. But Brigantine was always on our mind. Trapped (and I mean trapped) in our situation, the internet was our only lifeline for Brigantine news.

To be beat-down by this minority at what felt like every chance they could increased the emotional toll on all of us.

There was even a post on Tripadvisor for the review of a restaurant that used this term in the title. Now is this the type of tourism we want the world to see? Currently, its use has become as bad as the “FOOT” controversy some time ago. Take a look at some of the facebook, twitter etc., postings and you’ll see what’s now out there for all to read.

I believe that we have come to a time where the use of “shoobies” needs to end or be quieted so that we all can heal, mend and rebuild. All of us take our Pride in Homeownership very seriously.

I would like to suggest that we begin by renaming “Shoobie Tuesday” to “Brigantine Day”. It should be a yearly celebration for the towns people of the end of another wonderful summer season and not a day to pick fun at valued neighbors.

We are all Brigantine!!

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24 thoughts on “Shoobie Term No Longer Acceptable. Period.”

  1. i am a shoobie. the term is prob a hundred yrs old. its a term of endearment. i love it. let’s not get all pc about this, there too many other more important issues in brigantine. many locals call themselves ‘greenheads’ i think that’s a far worse term. i am proud to be a shoobie, it means of all the places on earth to vacation, i have chosen wondrous brigantine. call me a shoobie anytime.

  2. I do not have a term to the term “shoobie”… but I do object to the Mayor calling us out of area homeowners and taxpayers “VISITORS”..

  3. Shoobie is definitely offensive. And it suggests ignorance by those who accept the term.

    I’m a part-time (visitor) That’s the Mayors term, not mine. I pay more than five thousand dollars a year in real estate. Buy beach tags. Frequent Brigantine restaurants. Play golf at Brigantine Links. Volunteer at the Historical Society. Shop locally of possible. Including the Acme.

    “Brigantine Tuesday” after Labor Day would be a good start. (not Shoobie Tuesday) Get rid of Shoobies T-Shirts.

    Michael Alexander
    The Cloisters

  4. I have been coming to brigantine for 52 years. My parents had houses before much building went on at all. People would say “where’s brigantine”. I would always smile and get the last laugh knowing I could always go home after a night on the boardwalk to my quiet little town. I remember nagging my mom for money to jump on the trampolines on brigantine ave. I remember when Wawa was the only food store on the island. I remember the hamburger stand at the circle where we would go after the beach. I remember tar on my feet from climbing down the bulkheads to get to the beach. I worked many jobs in the summers, up at the pier and BeachBar. I remember the bug spray trucks would rattle down the street. I remember circle tavern, the old wooden bridge and the building of the iconic new one. I remember going to the beach before beach tags. I remember when there wasn’t cable down there and all you had were 3 tv stations. i remember watching the first man walk on the moon while lying on the sandy floor on Quay blvd. I support all the restaurants and businesses, pay real estate taxes….But yet….I’m shoobie….a visitor….all because I didn’t live there 12 months a year…….

    Hope that makes it clearer on why the term is so stupid and ridiculous.

  5. I think everyone needs to lighten up on the use if the word “shoobie”. It does single out any one particular race or authenticity so saying it is offensive..that’s a bit much. If you are from out of town and visit our shore towns in the summertime, that’s fantastic..who cares if you’re considered a shoobie??? I myself, being of all Italian descent am generally considered a guinea, a wop, greaseball, dago and have been referred to as “your people”and countless other names that I COULDN’T BE ANY PROUDER TO BE CALLED! Yes, I am Italian and I am damn proud to whether its your nationality or the fact that you live elsewhere and come down to the Jersey shore for the summer….just be proud of who you are! There are so many other important things to get mad over…like for example the fact that the president makes our troops pay for Internet to correspond back and forth with their loved ones whom they are away from while serving and protecting our OWN country…. Bottom line, life is too short to let petty things overcome your life if they aren’t in any way physically causing you pain or interfering with your life! Move on…

  6. Corrections from my first comment…excuse my auto-correct.

    I meant to say that the term Shoobie DOES NOT single out any one race or ethnicity.

  7. Public Safety Supporter

    I agree, too much PC. THEY have named us year round locals “Brigatards”. It’s only words people, MANY many more issues in the City to deal with. It’s a term used LOOOOOOOONG before the McMansions took over our island, and it will be here after they are washed away. LIGHTEN UP

  8. We become so intense on semantics that we lose our sight of freedom. Slang is a reflection of freedom of speech. While certain slang is objectionable it does not have to be banned, just judged by common decency and courtesy. We, all, need to be less sensitive and concentrate on being “judged by the character of our hearts” not by the focus of slang.

  9. WOW! Some people (especially the author) need to lighten up just a bit. The harmless slang of the word “Shoobie” has been around for years, it isn’t just a Brigantine slang. I have heard this word used as far away as Las Vegas, Nevada. Some people may use it in different ways when out of state drivers ride the left lane, fail to use their turn signal, throw trash from their car, or set their beach chairs up 3 inches from you! Others may just call anyone with out of state plates a Shoobie. Either way most of us realize our area’s economy depends on them & many of us probably wouldn’t have a job id it wasn’t for “Shoobies”. Yes, it is frustrating to deal with some of them, but it is a bitter sweet thing every town must learn to live with, that also goes for the historic slang that they have inherited. The super storm “Sandy” hit many areas hard, not just Brigantine and its’ “Shoobies”. Mike’s comment above sums it all up.

  10. This has to be the most ridiculous article I have read in a while, you find the term “shoobie” offensive and feel the need to cry about it? It’s a made up word that has absolutely no credence unless you give it meaning by being “offended”, what a joke. Some of the fondest memories of my childhood happened right here in Brigantine, my father was raised here and we were all “shoobies” when we would visit my grandfathers house here during the summer months.

    I remember what Brigantine used to look like, used to feel like. It was a relatively unkown, slow-paced town where you could kick back, relax and it seemed like the summer would never end. Many years later it’s now inundated with mansions that have replaced the cozy single story cape cods that would line many streets, something that certainly stole the “feel” of this town.

    It isn’t all bad though, like you pointed out, shoobies do bring a considerable amount of property tax revenue to the table, along with supporting local businesses, many of which are seasonal. But don’t think for a second you aren’t a shoobie just because you own a second home down here and pay taxes. It’s a term that gravitated to describe anyone that doesn’t live at the South Jersey shore year-round. You should probably just get over your hurt feelings because the word isn’t going anywhere. It’s truly sad what’s becoming of our country; a bunch of whinny, overly sensitive, offended elitists.

    1. A “considerable amount of property tax income” = 72% of all property tax income.

      Tune-in before it’s too late for you…..

      The town your “think” of as “yours” is no more.

      There’s a new “owner” of Brigantine, and the new owners’ name is (as you so rudely refer to them) “shoobie”.

      You lost “your” town and don’t even know it

  11. I have been a native of South Jersey for all of my life. The term was derived in the late 20’s early 30’s (during the depression). People, mainly from Philadelphia, would come to the shore to get away from the heat in the city. They mainly came by train and would bring a lunch and usually a swimsuit in a shoe box. The problem was that these people would spend very little money when they were daytripping. Now Shoobie usually is just a generic term for ANY visitor to the South Jersey shore.

    Almost all places you go have their own terms for Tourists, Northern Jersey they are called Bennies, Florida they are called Snow Birds, Michigan they are called Fugies or Conelickers. Vermont and Colorado they are called Flatlanders. I can go on and on. The word itself is not derogatory, it is how people use it. Tourists, especially bad Tourists, will always be called something derogatory even if you got rid of ALL the nick names.

    I run It is a website for Tourists and locals alike. I have most local events from Brigantine to Cape May. There is a forum and a business section (still in progress). I also have a Shoobie Guide for how NOT to act like a Shoobie (it is pretty comedic rather than an actual guide). I spend a lot of time doing the site and I have yet to make a single dime off of it but I do it because I like helping people. Sorry for the plug, but I wanted to demonstrate that I actually do know what I am talking about.

    The point is that no matter what Tourists are called, or should not be called, we still need them in order for the South Jersey Shore to survive. Tourists will always be called Shoobies here because it is the tradition. It is also a tradition to point out Shoobies who are out of line. Having bumper stickers on city owned cars with “FOOT” (F*** Out Of Towners) is out of line, just like having one that said F*** Shoobies would be. But just Out of Towner or Shoobie (which are the same thing) should not denote that it is derogatory, it is the adjectives that you put before it that make it so.

    I will part by using my favorite phrase. “If you don’t know what a Shoobie is, you probably are one”.

    1. Public Safety Supporter

      The FOOT stickers were NEVER on any City owned cars, but cars that were parked in the City Hall lot by year round residents/citizens expressing their freedom of speech.

  12. Just curious, how do you feel about “Shoobie Tuesday” parties? The celebration of all the tourists leaving the island after Labor Day? Offensive or acceptable?

    1. I think it is perfectly fine. There is nothing derogatory in “Shoobie Tuesday”. Shoobie just means tourist. It is not singling out any specific ethnic, religious, nor demographic group (I guess you coudl argue that it is singling out a demographic group as anywhere in the world except for the South Jersey Shore, but then again, so is the word tourist).

  13. Shoobie article coming from a shoobie!! Let me tell u something that term will never die,wether u like it or not it’s a staple term mostly too not just describe regular vacationers, but mostly the shoobies that come and destroy beaches and claim these shore towns like its their last life’s vengeance even if for just a day!!

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