Council Ponders Shoobie Tuesday Sign on Public Property. WATCH VIDEO>

Brigantine Shoobie Tuesday

At the recent Brigantine City Council (9/3/2014) Citizen Watchdog; John Pucci asked council if they thought it was OK to have a large sign at the entrance to Brigantine promoting the controversial Shoobie Tuesday party.

Pucci; a military veteran, calls it a ‘slap in the face’. Watch Video Below.

Members of Brigantine Republican Club pose with "Brig-a-Billy" the Shoobie.
Members of Brigantine Republican Club pose with “Brig-a-Billy” the Shoobie.

Mr. Pucci cited a city ordinance stating that no billboards or signs are allowed from the bottom of the bridge…to the lighthouse circle. City Manager Blumenthal replied by saying the Shoobie Tuesday sign was on private property, therefore she had no jurisdiction to ask them to remove it. 

Some asked: who’s property is the sign located on? ‘We want to place a billboard too. We want to advertise our local business along that busy entrance to Brigantine….and it looks like Brigantine can do absolutely nothing about it.’  

Mayor defends party as harmless ‘end of summer’ party.

Many asked…why not call it an ‘end of summer party?’ The Legion will be discussing this issue at their next meeting.

Shoobie Tuesday Sign on Public Property? Slap in the Face? WATCH VIDEO

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Photos from Beach Comber News

  • Items of note: Still no meeting minutes for 2014.
  • City website still owned by city employee at private, non-Brigantine address.
  • Still unknown who decides which business gets promoted, or rejected.
  • Still unknown who performs background check on each business
  • City still promoting OUT OF TOWN & closed businesses on City Website

The Links at Brigantine Golf Course, beaches and other unique attractions of our island should bring in some much needed revenue. Brigantine Beach needs to upgrade it’s management of digital assets too

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3 thoughts on “Council Ponders Shoobie Tuesday Sign on Public Property. WATCH VIDEO>”

  1. It’s a shame that there is a shoobie party at the end of the summer.

    We love Brigantine and that is why we bought a house here. We help your economy and help keep your real estate taxes lower because we pay real estate taxes too.

    We pay utilities and taxes and other dues so why make it such a poor issue about those who live here either for the summer or half the year? Life is too short for petty issues.
    I go by the motto…the more the merrier and you all should try it too! Thank you and have a great day!

  2. i think there are 2 issues here that shouldnt be confused:
    1. the actual shoobie party
    2. signs promoting the shoobie party

    i have no problem with a shoobie party, i do have a problem with the term being mean spirited, derogatory and dividing. (go youtube search brigantine shoobie) if the briga-billys want to have a huge party in shoobie honor then awesome have all the fun in the world.
    the signs promoting a shoobie party are questionable. what is it promoting? is it a fundraiser? what does it say about brigantine?

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