Brigantine ‘Glitch Gate’ Explained. Waterfront Project of Councilman Under Scrutiny

According to a recent Brigantine Beachcomber Advertisement paid for by ‘Taxpayers First’, a series of glitches kept occurring at City Hall in regard to Councilman Andy Simpson and his 3 Sunset Court construction project. City Manager/Public Safety Director; Jim Barber, referred to these errors as ‘glitches’ at a City Council meeting.

For those with a preference for simplicity…’s our explanation of this Real Estate snafu.

Simpson Pickto 3 Sunset 10.27.2014 compress

Glitch #1: June 2009 – Construction completed on 3 Sunset Court. C.O. is not issued.

Glitch #2: Andy pays taxes for LAND ONLY.

Glitch #3: Summer 2009 – Property is rented for weddings, private parties and vacation rentals. Without a C.O.

Glitch #4: Letter of violation sent to Mr Simpson for renting house without CO.  Penalties and Interest of up to $2,000 per day are waived by Brigantine construction inspector.

Glitch #5: FEB 2010 – C.O. is issued. Mr. Simpson continues to pay LAND ONLY taxes.

March 2010, Mayor Guenther & City Manager/Public Safety Director Jim Barber, are questioned at council meeting about property violation at 3 Sunset Court.

Glitch #6: Summer 2010 – House rentals proceed AndySimpson continues to pay LAND ONLY taxes

Glitch #7: October 18, 2010 -House is sold. Settlement takes place. ,. l. Simpson pays LAND ONLY taxes.

February 2011. – 2 TAX YEARS LATER… Back taxes are paid by Surety Title, not Mr. Simpson

March 2011-Surety Title files complaint against Andy Simpson for reimbursement of Real Estate taxes paid by Surety:  $48,186.84

City Manager/Public Safety Director  Jim Barber refers to these errors as ‘glitches’at a City Council meeting.

According to AD in Brigantine Beachcomber, Mr Simpson’s property taxes went DOWN $5000 this year.

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6 thoughts on “Brigantine ‘Glitch Gate’ Explained. Waterfront Project of Councilman Under Scrutiny”

  1. Technically, Simpson never owed back taxes and paid all the taxes he was billed for…because he was never billed for improvements on Sunset for the 2 years improvements were completed and the property was occupied. So his response at the candidates forum although misleading it is in fact accurate.

    As a taxpayer I find a few things troubling:

    1. that a taxpayer with a very valid question is deferred to ask his question at a candidates forum during a council meeting, then when he does, is shouted down and told the question is not relevant. Apparently some feel that a question about real estates and character are not valid at a council meeting and also not valid at a candidates forum? If not at and council meeting or a candidates forum when is a question about the character of a public servant valid? Doesn’t Simpson represent the people of his district? Maybe he has forgotten, maybe he is too busy.

    2. no one can argue that Simpson wasn’t aware that an inspection and certificate of occupancy was required to rent the Sunset property. Why did it take a year and a violation letter for Simpson to properly obtain an inspection and CO on property he was using and earning rental income on? If the plead is ignorance, oversight or too busy than he is probably unfit for public service.

    3. ignoring the CO for now, with Simpson’s vast Brigantine real estate experience both as a taxpaying citizen and as a developer, did it never occur to him that he was paying the same real estate taxes for 2 years on a completely renovated property? that the improvements were never valued on his real estate tax bill? even if he claims ignorance, oversight or “being busy” wouldn’t the violation letters, the issues raised at council meetings, the listing for sale and of course settlement have re-remembered it? didnt he at any time say to himself, wow these real estate taxes are ridiculously low for some reason? alot lower than all my other properties I own in the entire state? does this properly reflect the actions and mindset of a dutiful public servant?

    Were his action purposeful or simply an oversight by a very busy husband, councilman and businessman? the honest taxpayers will never know.

    Even if “in fact” Simpson didn’t purposely fail to get a CO, even if “in fact” he didn’t purposely fail to pay real estate taxes on improvements, even if “in fact” it never occurred to him that the property was never re-evalated for improvements, even if “in fact” he had no involvement in the city of brigantine glitches, even if “in fact” he didn’t try to cover up and mislead his constituency, even if the judge rules in his favor, it seems “in appearance” he is either unfit for public service or something far worse.

    No matter the truth or circumstances its obvious that Simpson does not think he is responsible for the real estate taxes given all that we do know and that he has filed counter claims (claiming too bad, your error!) and is seeking a judges ruling.

    This reremembers me a saying…. for every roach you do see, there is TEN you don’t!

  2. I’m a part time resident and just pay my taxes (which supports the whole of Brigantine). So I really am an outsider looking in. But, Mr. Simpson, this doesn’t look good for you.

    I’ve read the comments back and forth, looked at the Surety Title’s paperwork (that were on these posts) and as already mentioned, Mr. Simpson, it doesn’t look good.

    More so, you haven’t been on the up and up. Before these internet comments find you guilty, why not write a clear statement of what went on with this whole ordeal. We all know there are always different sides of a story – I would like to hear your version and I’m sure everyone else would too.

    Stand up and clear your name! If you don’t want to do it on the internet, publish your statement in a local newspaper.

    I believe in giving everyone a fair shake to tell their side of the story. Don’t let your competition get the better of you. As I said, I’m just an outsider looking in and think you should be given a chance to give your version of what went down. If it checks out, shame on your competition for insulting you and your integrity.

  3. competition? this isn’t democrat vs republican, blue vs red, liberal vs conservative… this is the epitome of arrogance, greed and hypocrisy! who can or wants to explain those traits away? especially to mere tax paying constituents. he certainly doesn’t owe an “outsider” any explanation.

    how do you explain that paying land only real estate taxes with brigantine’s blessing worked before (albeit not for a period of 2 years) and it didn’t work this time?

  4. This horrific information came out during the elections and the full time residences swept it under the rug because it benefits them and Guenther/Simpson to turn a deaf ear. I am a part timer and looking to get off the island because of the abuse of power by Guenther and Simpson. Once the island rids itself of the “old boys club” maybe it will come back. But it will take years to restore itself to what it can be. Shame the full time residences are on the take too at the part time/investor expense. Without the part time/investor types like us, Brigantine could not support “ANYTHING”.
    Cops, fireman, Maintenance would be bare bones because there is no tax base without part time/investors. From the front porch of my home there are 5–yes 5 foreclosures. That’s one street. Multiply that by how the number of streets and we could be classified as “Least desirable place to live/vacation”.
    And you think it will get better??????????

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