Brigantine ‘Glitch Gate’ Explained. Waterfront Project of Councilman Under Scrutiny

According to a recent Brigantine Beachcomber Advertisement paid for by ‘Taxpayers First’, a series of glitches kept occurring at City Hall in regard to Councilman Andy Simpson and his 3 Sunset Court construction project. City Manager/Public Safety Director; Jim Barber, referred to these errors as ‘glitches’ at a City Council meeting.

For those with a preference for simplicity…’s our explanation of this Real Estate snafu.


Simpson Pickto 3 Sunset 10.27.2014 compress


Glitch #1: June 2009 – Construction completed on 3 Sunset Court. C.O. is not issued.

Glitch #2: Andy pays taxes for LAND ONLY.

Glitch #3: Summer 2009 – Property is rented for weddings, private parties and vacation rentals. Without a C.O.

Glitch #4: Letter of violation sent to Mr Simpson for renting house without CO.  Penalties and Interest of up to $2,000 per day are waived by Brigantine construction inspector.

Glitch #5: FEB 2010 – C.O. is issued. Mr. Simpson continues to pay LAND ONLY taxes.

March 2010, Mayor Guenther & City Manager/Public Safety Director Jim Barber, are questioned at council meeting about property violation at 3 Sunset Court.

Glitch #6: Summer 2010 – House rentals proceed AndySimpson continues to pay LAND ONLY taxes

Glitch #7: October 18, 2010 -House is sold. Settlement takes place. ,. l. Simpson pays LAND ONLY taxes.

February 2011. – 2 TAX YEARS LATER… Back taxes are paid by Surety Title, not Mr. Simpson

March 2011-Surety Title files complaint against Andy Simpson for reimbursement of Real Estate taxes paid by Surety:  $48,186.84

City Manager/Public Safety Director  Jim Barber refers to these errors as ‘glitches’at a City Council meeting.

According to AD in Brigantine Beachcomber, Mr Simpson’s property taxes went DOWN $5000 this year.