Simpson: Pay Cops & Firemen More for a Safer Town?

Brigantine Councilman Andy Simpson got his rear end handed to him during the Oct 21, 2015 meeting. Councilman DeLucry quickly smacked down the tired and highly inappropriate scare tactic that ‘Simp’ just had to throw out there.

Simpson: God forbid you guys call up 911…and ever need the services of our Brigantine Police & Fire personnel. That’s why they’re worth every dime they have.

If you believe that bovine excrement from the Brigantine buffoon known as Councilman Simpson, then heck…why not pay members of the FD & PD $500,000 each year so that we’ll be EXTRA safe. Right?

Simp: “we got the contract under 2%”. Well of course, they just had to ‘bend’ a few rules….and roll those nice, expensive financial benefits into the PD & FD base salary.

NOTE: In addition to a budget braking deal, the Brig Police were so nice in only taking 6 months of retroactive pay? The fire department on the other hand, lead by ‘Tiger’ Platt of Absecon, decided to really screw the local taxpayer. Platt forced Brigantine residents to pay his team a full year of retroactive pay…in addition to TWO extra days off and other unsustainable contract terms. NOTE: The FD only contributes a BARE MINIMUM for their health care contribution. (after 4 years of weaseling out of it) That’s just a small sample of what kind of POS… Platt is.

Watch video from the OCT 21 council meeting. Everyone goes along with the lunacy, except Councilman Delucry who is the ONLY person in those council chambers doing his job.


[foogallery id=”30348″]

The fiscally flaccid team of Lisa McClay & Joe Piccardi just sit there and don’t say squat. The GOP seat-warmers known as Mr’s Bew & Mr. Sera don’t utter a peep. The handsome, charming, well-spoken but incredibly ‘past-his-prime’ Mayor Guenther pretends to be the adult in the room. Guenther chimes in. He sputters a few well chosen platitudes that have served him well over the past 26 years of his Mayoral reign on “The Rock”

In this video, you’ll see why Real Estate is Brigantine is still in the dumper. Our beautiful Island is full empty retail storefronts, and FOR SALE signs are popping up all over the place. Thanks to the thing they call Greenhead Politics.



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3 thoughts on “Simpson: Pay Cops & Firemen More for a Safer Town?”

  1. Public Safety Supporter

    God forbid you call 9-1-1 and no one is there to answer the phone. The 9-1-1 dispatchers have been without a contract almost 3 years, longer than the Police and Fire were. Even after agreements and givebacks it was still voted down by council 7-0 . Yet they are still there, short handed and working an enormous amount of hours

  2. So everyone except DeLucry thinks that the safety of communities is tied and correlated to safety officials pay? Where is the data that suggests this?

    If Baltimore doubled the police and fire pay rates, crime would be cut and the communities would be safer? The solution is that simple?

    Here are more… the more real estate taxes you pay, the more your home will be worth? The more real estate taxes you dodge, the more friends you will have? The more ice cream you hand out, the more handsome you get?

  3. Brigantine is full of tax and spend politicians.
    We are #1 county in foreclosures.
    What profession pays people top salaries after 5 or 8 years like current brig police and fire staff are paid?
    Who voted for this?
    Mayor Phil Guenther spends money like a nonprofit exec w no fiscal accountability…

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