Special Tax Treatment for Brigantine Council Candidate

Need a sure-fire way to get your Brigantine property taxes lowered? Hate it when the Brigantine taxman won’t decrease your home’s assessment value….but does it for your neighbor?

3-step plan that provides sweet Brigantine tax relief…pronto:

#1. Say nice things about Brigantine Mayor Guenther & Councilman Simpson

#2. Attack anyone or anything that goes against Guenther & Simpson

#3. Become a Republican candidate for Brigantine City Council

Need some proof on how this works? Check this out:

Brigantine resident Dennis Haney is a Republican candidate for City Council. He followed those 3 steps perfectly. The result? The City of Brigantine gifted Haney with a jaw-dropping, $395,000 land assessment reduction for his Brigantine beach-block property. This sweet deal happened right after the 2014 Brigantine re-valuation, when most properties were considered accurately assessed.

But wait. It gets better.

According to an ad in this week’s Beachcomber Newspaper (see ad below), Mr. Haney allegedly didn’t need a costly lawyer, or need to invest in appraisals and research of comparable sales of adjacent beach block properties.

Haney’s $395,000 assessment reduction…. just happened…. magically? Well, that’s what it looks like to our untrained eyes.

What about Haney’s neighbors with similar beach block properties? Did they enjoy assessment reductions too? Nope. They didn’t follow the 3 steps above.

The City of Brigantine did not lower assessments for Haney’s neighbors and other similar beach-block properties after the 2014 revaluation. But, it did reduce Dennis Haney’s land assessment by $395,000.

Haney Annual Brigantine Tax Bill:

  • 2015  $28,003
  • 2016  $23,875
  • 2017  $20,372 (projected)


Have any questions about YOUR tax assessment…or your neighbors? See here:


You can also reach out to Dana Wineland, the Brigantine Tax Collector (609) 266-7600 ext. 242


You can also say hi to: Barbara Saccoccia (609) 266-7600 ext. 231


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4 thoughts on “Special Tax Treatment for Brigantine Council Candidate”

  1. GOJIT (Got Out Just In Time)

    With all the corruption in this backwater burg, I wonder why is there no RICO investigation going on . . . or, maybe there is . . .

    The stuff that little political clique there gets away with is much worse than probably any other N.J. shore town, and rivaling many big cities.

  2. GOJIT (Got Out Just In Time)

    The most obvious questions of all questions is:

    1 – Why do the permanent residents keep voting jackals into office?
    2 – Are the permanent residents plain stupid, or are they all benefiting from the trough of corruption/mismanagement largess?
    3 – Do they think this can go on forever, or do they think that as long as the 70% of second home suckers are stuck they have perpetual “welfare benefits?”

  3. We must vote out Guenther’s posse since they are the ones that keep him in office. Please clean out the house and vote NO to Guenther’s and Simpson’s cronies.

  4. You have the extensions backward. Tax Collector is 231 Assessor is 242.
    You can request a phone extension from City Hall.
    Don’t make their jobs any harder than they are!

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