Spot Zoning Spin Zone. More Affordable Housing Coming To Brigantine?

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One of 3 sites that could bring affordable housing projects to Brigantine.

Brigantine City Council adopted four ordinances on Aug. 15 that will likely bring 3 new areas of affordable housing to the city.

The actions are mandatory, stemming from a settlement between Brigantine and the Fair Share Housing Center, an org that supports housing rights of low-income, NJ citizens.

3 Brigantine Neighborhoods Spot Zoned for Affordable Housing.

  • ACME shopping center area, between Harbor Beach Blvd, Amherst & Bayshore.
  • Old CVS site, at W. Brigantine Ave & 10th St
  • Atlantic-Brigantine Blvd between Monroe Ave & 37th St South.
Potential, Low Income Housing Opportunity in Brigantine. Andy Simpson
Area of potential, low-income housing opportunity in Brigantine.

The Brigantine Mayor was in full spin-control. ‘None of this is planned to be developed’ Guenther says. Residents and Real Estate agents aren’t buying what he’s selling. Guenther kept the controversial news out of the local fish wrapper, The Brigantine Times. No surprise there.

Brigantine also adopted a mandatory set-aside ordinance. Density of six units per acre or more:

  • 20 % of units for sale
  • 15 % will be rental units set aside for affordable housing.

Also: Brigantine will charge & use ‘development fees’ to finance future, affordable housing projects.

The City of Brigantine introduced multiple resolutions geared toward affordable housing.

  • Adopt Fair Share Housing Spending Plan
  • Affirmative Marketing Plan

Brigantine Councilman Andy Simpson was forced to abstain from voting on these new, affordable-housing laws. Simpson owns multiple properties within the new zones. Simpson looks to cash in, big time.

Brigantine has been fighting this for quite a while. Litigation started in 2015. Brigantine fears builder lawsuits. Builder might claim Brigantine used exclusionary zoning practices to prohibit affordable housing. Did Brigantine keep out affordable housing in the past?

After 26 years as Mayor, Phil Guenther is being shown the door. Or maybe he’s slipping out the back before the you-know-what hits the fan.

Guenther has been tied to failed attempts in keeping North End beaches away from Trenton. Too many mis-steps on that sad situation.

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2 thoughts on “Spot Zoning Spin Zone. More Affordable Housing Coming To Brigantine?”

  1. Who prompted these 3 sites as a resolution? Development monies should be spent on teen and young adult activity venues not on overcrowding already dense populated areas such as w.Briantine Ave and 10th ! Good luck, Brigantine residents I hope this is not a losing battle.

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