St Phillips Church, No Emergency Shelter?

  • Ceil Garguilo: Why isn’t St. Phillips being opened? We were told that it was needed for an emergency shelter for residents, but, residents are being transported inland…Why?
  • Mario Silvestrini: We bought 1000 cots @ $100.00 each…..for the employees, I guess. So much for Emergency???? Management.
  • Jim Doring: I would think since there is a mandatory evacuation that all of the shelters would be located out of the evacuation area.
  • Ceil Garguilo Well, Jim, that could be…but, then does that mean St. Phillips will never be used as the emergency shelter we were all told we needed to have? We were also told the Emergency Management Operations would be housed there…Why sell us on the idea of it being an emergency shelter if it’s not used in an emergency? Just doesn’t make sense.. It just makes it a glorified Community Center..

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