Stockton Showboat Plan 2015

PRESS RELEASE: A Stockton-Island Campus located in the former Showboat Hotel and Casino is, candidly, an opportunity to begin a metamorphosis in Atlantic City. It will serve as a major employer providing both direct and ancillary jobs, as well the enabler of an educated workforce capable of propelling the city into both the short term and long term future.

Stockton-Island Campus will be designed to comport with the Middle States Commission on Higher Education criteria for an additional location that is geographically distinct from Stockton’s main campus in Galloway Township. This campus will be designed to be a full-service residential campus that integrates with and meshes into the community. It is intentionally not designed to be a walled-off entity as in some areas. It will also be important for the community to integrate with – and feel a part of – Stockton.

A highlight of this campus will be the development of an independent community center, complete with meeting rooms and audiovisual equipment, where community-based organizations in Atlantic City can hold their meetings and engage their members and audiences.

Through an ambitious effort designed to help Atlantic City as quickly as possible, we hope to have the hotel portion operating by late Spring 2015, a portion of our summer sessions in Atlantic City in 2015, and our first academic programs available in Fall 2015.

Download & Read Highlights: Stockton-Showboat

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