Sun Bank in Brigantine to Close

Sun Bank Brigantine Don Williams
Sun Bank on Brigantine Blvd

As heard on the Don Williams radio show (1400am WOND) and reported in the Press of Atlantic City, SUN BANK in Brigantine will be closing soon. In studio guest; Doug Keefe (Brigantine Economic Development Committee and Brigantine Chamber of Commerce) confirmed that SUN BANK was closing and that he was considering buying that property on Brigantine BLVD.

Sun is consolidating their branch network. After evaluation of Brigantine’s market growth potential, SUN BANK decided to close the Brigantine branch and merge it with Atlantic City.

Doug Keefe. Photo: Press of Atlantic City

Doug Keefe has a track record of buying old bank properties in Brigantine. Keefe; owner of Beachcomber Coins, had excellent timing with his bank property purchase at the Brigantine Lighthouse Circle a few years back….which was quickly flipped to CVS for a nice tidy sum.

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1 thought on “Sun Bank in Brigantine to Close”

  1. “I like owning a bank – everyone should own one,” current owner Doug Keefe said of the structure that currently houses his coins and collectibles business. “It suits my needs perfectly, but (CVS) made an offer I couldn’t refuse. I’m here to support the application, I hope it goes through.”

    I like owning an entire beach block – everyone should own one, It suits my needs perfectly, but if you make me an offer I can’t refuse then I’ll sell it in a Brigantine council meeting minute.

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