Taking Back Brigantine. Step by Step Guide by Albert Zini

Brigantine homeowners, especially those who invested heavily in secondary vacation homes, have been stepping up their inquiries into a variety of questionable City Hall financial activity.

For over 15 years, Brigantine has been consistently identified as having some of the worst record keeping & financial accounting of any small town along the South Jersey shore….and possibly the entire state. Years of video recording and audits clearly show non-compliance with even the most common GAP rules mandated by the State of New Jersey. (generally accepted accounting principles).

The high volume and in-your-face nature of these Brigantine financial scandals make neighboring Atlantic City look like a bunch of rank amateurs in the world financial shell games.

Expired public Safety contracts, Links Golf Course give-away, reckless driving cover-ups, unchecked overtime abuse, trash hauling contracts, website security breaches, and Councilmen assisting in Real Estate transactions…. are just a few examples of Brigantine’s long and well-known history of Greenhead Politics.

Cut from the same cloth as Atlantic City Nucky Johnson & Hap Farley, 26+ year Mayor Phil Guenther and his brain trust of Andy ‘The King” Simpson, and the infamous City Manager/Public Safety Director; Jim “Glitch” Barber, have made the beautiful island of Brigantine a poster child for unlimited City Hall corruption, excessive spending and retail-killing business practices.

Local resident Alfred Zini recently pondered a plan to reduce/eliminate the blatant and growing political corruption in Brigantine.

Here is one such initiative from Mr. Zini:

All concerned taxpayers, both residents and non-residents who are tired of the blatant theft of our tax-payer dollars by the Brigabilly cabal who run this town as if it is their own little private men’s club should do the following:

1. Inundate every newspaper, both local and in your home town with phone calls and letters. Request that they investigate the nefarious goings-on in Brigantine—the Atlantic City Press, The New York Times, New York Post, NY Daily News, Trenton Examiner, Baltimore Sun, Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Post., etc.

These largely liberal newspapers would like nothing more than expose the corruption in a town that’s been an absolute Republican stronghold for many years. By the way, I’m a staunch conservative but the “leadership” in Brigantine proves the old adage that “absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

2. Do the same with local and hometown TV and Radio stations.

3. Call into all the local radio talk shows (Harry Hurley, Don Williams, Dom Giordano, etc) and be relentless in your complaints about the obscene abuses going on within Brigantine’s government.

4. Call the NJ State Commission of Investigation in Trenton at (609) 292-6767

5. Call the local office of the FBI in Cherry Hill at (856) 795-5656

If we continue to wait for Brigantine to clean-up its own act, it will NEVER happen!

If we Brigantine non-resident taxpayers are tired of these pols using OUR tax dollars to enrich themselves and their families and friends, while we continue to pay exorbitantly high taxes for piss-poor municipal services, and NO say in how our tax-dollars are spent, our time to act is NOW.

Albert Zini, Brigantine Taxpayer.

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7 thoughts on “Taking Back Brigantine. Step by Step Guide by Albert Zini”

  1. My family and I have owned a 2nd home there since 1956. So, we definitely know what’s been going on and the drastic changes, good and bad in Brigantine. What can I/we do. Can we form a large group iof individuals and each member have a duty on one of the above suggestions and/or get petitions signed or do what ever it takes to things done? Each member MUST fully commit 100% though. Oh, and the owner/editor of Brigantine now would be a great advocate!

  2. I’m wondering, why does nothing I ever summit end up being posted? I do not use profanity, nor do I disrespect other posters. I simply submit an alternitvive, yet honest, opinion. Thanks, Palmcop

  3. AR.
    Why can’t a Petition To Investigate GAP in Brigantine be circulated to be signed by homeowners to begin investigation into The Greenhead Politics and submitted to the state and FBI? They may pay attention to “volume” signature rather than individual calls from homeowners.

  4. Mr Zini, I read your letter above and applaud you!!! As a long time summer resident in Brigantine, with a home on the bay, I feel stripped naked from taxes and fees ever time I come over the bridge. Not to mention I feel like I entered a communist state while be watched by big brother with the bloated and overbearing police force. I want to join your team. Please let me know how. GR

  5. vote next local election!

    you CAN vote in local elections if you own a home in Brigantine as long as your primary residence isn’t also in New Jersey. I don’t know why people think they can’t because Ive done it for years. Say you live in PA or DE or NY you can vote in Brigantine elections, make sure you register well before the deadline to be sure. If you live somewhere else in NJ you are probably out of luck, but I KNOW you can vote for local officials! REGISTER AND CHANGE THE TIDE

  6. How can we find out how much of our Brigantine tax money is being spent on the Brigantine Golf Course?I tried to look it up online and all I could find online was an 84 page PDF that I would have to download??? Maybe they don’t want us to know! Who is going to download 84 pages to answer one question? This is the guestion HOW MUCH of OUR TAX Money was spent last year 20 22 easy guestion don’t you think.I would assume we have someone you know like the person who keeps the books should be compitant to add it up and give us a one sentence answer to a one sentence guestion. I have just read that our water bills will be going up 65percent,this is a disgrace!!! Water is an absolute necessity and this going to be a great hardship for seniors and essential workers who already can barely afford to live here now .This is much too high of an increase I didn’t even think you where aloud to raise a utility this high at one time.You can’t live without water.Brigantine is going to do this to their residents while.they use our tax money to pay for the golf course which is fun,WATER is a necessity.Perhaps if Brigantine can’t even pay for it’s residents water pipes We Should Not Be SPENDING OUR TAX MONEY ON THE BRIGANTINE GOLF CLUB.I don’t golf but I drink WATER. You can’t live without water,This is a
    disgrace and you are going to cause a lot of hardship for low income residents and Seniors.How can you find out how much of our tax money is going to the golf club,I would think that we have a right to know. Maybe .we should have a right to Vote for this .I am appalled that this is what Brigantine has decided to do!

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