Tax Appeals Start Early. WATCH Brigantine City Council Meeting. 6pm

You CAN fight city hall….about your home assessment that is. Most will need to wait til Spring 2015 to appeal their non-nonsensical tax assessment. A lucky few will start getting relief tonight at the City Council meeting, scheduled for 6pm. Watch it live right here on BrigantineNOW.

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2 thoughts on “Tax Appeals Start Early. WATCH Brigantine City Council Meeting. 6pm”

  1. We need to change the sign when entering Brigantine to read: “a city you’ll love for life but can’t afford to live here” or “What’s your hurry, you’ve arrived” “TURN AROUND IT’S EXPENSIVE HERE”.
    Question: Is it true the City of Brigantine wants to buy the property being developed by the Light House? I don’t want it as a tax payer. And where would the monies come from to pay for this property?
    More higher taxes to subsidize their egos? Are they crazy?
    Comment: I had the luxury of sitting in the front row at the October 25th debate and Mr. Simpson sat
    on his I-phone texting during the meeting. I guess “We Taxpayers” aren’t worth the
    concentrated effort to listen, learn, let alone give an intelligent answer. If the Brigantine
    population feels an answer of “I don’t like the politics here” is adequate then Brigantine will
    never move forward and prosper. And we definitely need a “Strict Code of Conduct” for
    ALL BRIGANTINE EMPLOYEES. Police, Fire, City Hall, School District, Water, Sewer,
    etc. departments must abide by the Code and ignoring the Code will result in job loss,
    demotion or worse. Let’s catch up 2014 Corporate Standards or we’ll be left behind.
    The “Old Boy Club” continues and my fear is Brigantine will stagnate

  2. We were recently reassessed and the value is much more than the property is actually worth. We are 1 of 5 units on 4th St South and the end unit is direct ocean front. That unit was assessed at a high rate and the other units which are not ocean front were assessed at the same rate. Our tax bill went up 40% which is ridiculous. How do I go about appealing this assessment?

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