Terminal Leave Pay-out 100% for Brigantine Union. City Un-aware?

The concept of ‘Terminal Leave’ is where the Brigantine public employee can save up their sick & vacation days, and then use those accrued days in their final year on the job.

A Brigantine public union employees could stay home for weeks, months and maybe more…while getting paid. This employee perk does not happen in the private sector.

Terminal Leave allows an outgoing employee, like Brigantine Police Chief Tim Reed of Smithville, NJ., to get a head start on retirement while still collecting a paycheck in Brigantine.

From NJ.com > Some take most of their final year off — and others actually get pay raises during this time. Read more about Terminal Leave Abuse in NJ

A boost in ‘Terminal Leave’ was one particular area in the new Brigantine Firefighter Contract that went un-noticed by City Manager Stinson and most of City Council?

Glossed over during a review of ‘how great’ this new Brigantine contract was for taxpayers, Mr. Stinson failed to address the very expensive bump of terminal leave for Brigantine Fire-fighters from 75%….to 100%.

“You’re paying somebody not to show up to work,” said Lee Seglem, a spokesman for the State Commission of Investigation, which has criticized municipalities for wasting millions of dollars on extravagant benefits for public employees.

Score a big one for Brigantine Fire-fighters union head Tiger Platt (from Absecon, where they use a volunteer FD)…….score a big goose-egg for Brigantine City Manager Ed Stinson and Councilwoman Lisa McClay.

Read more about Terminal Leave Abuse in NJ at NJ.com

See both OLD & NEW Brigantine Fire-Fighter contract terms below.

Old Brigantine FD Contract 75%
Old Brigantine FD Contract 75%

New Brigantine FD Contract 100%

Terminal Leave Abuse in New Jersey

State of New Jersey Commission of Investigation. Waste and Abuse in Local Government Employee Compensation and Benefits

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