Thanksgiving Season Interfaith Service. NOV 25.

Tuesday evening, Nov. 25, marks the date of this year’s Thanksgiving Season Interfaith Service. This traditional service will take place at 7p.m. at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church, 331 8th Street S., and will be hosted by Rev. William S. Vandergrift, pastor, and his congregation.

All of God’s children, no matter what their denomination, whether they are affiliated or not, may come and offer prayers for peace on earth, good will to man.

The Community Presbyterian Church, led by their Pastor John Scotland always gives strong support and attendance for this event. Spiritual readings reflect the true meaning of the Thanksgiving holiday season. Rabbi Gerald R. Fox of Temple Beth Shalom and his congregation also participate in the service where all faiths offer prayers and a wonderful feeling of inner satisfaction and tranquility.

An inspirational shore service is planned followed by refreshments and a one-on-one exchange of ideas to end the annual evening of true interaction among people of different ideologies. Please join us as a community of grateful believers by your presence and prayers. Refreshments will be served after this short prayer service in St. Phillips Hall. All are invited.

Submitted by Madeline Harvey

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