Will “Cove” Have Lifeguards & Rules for Brigantine Summer 2016?

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Real Brigantine ?

The growing chaos at the uber-popular ‘Cove’ beach area could be tamed somewhat by the Summer of 2016. That’s welcome news for those that want to keep the area safe, clean & family friendly.

Three deep rows of 4×4 trucks parked side by side, fishing, jet ski’s, red cups, motor boats, Water Weenies, toddlers, swimmers and accessible jetty rocks. All of this make for a fun, but potentially dangerous day by the inlet.

This waterside spot favored by locals has been going strong for years…oddly, without lifeguards. That being said, plenty of lifeguard ‘saves’ and public safety ‘incidents’ have occurred without much public awareness. Eyewitness reports suggest that lifeguards have often been called to ‘The Cove’ from their posts along the front beaches of Brigantine.

Brigantine Councilman DeLucry offered COVE recommendations culled from a recent Brigantine Beach Committee.

Recommended are the following:

  • Placing lifeguards at the beach known as ‘The Cove’ in 2016
  • Better, more user friendly entrances to The Cove and jetty beach areas
  • Improved signage
  • List of user-friendly “rules of the road;”
  • Changing city code to restrict jet ski use at The Cove
  • Improve and extend beach paths
  • Editor’s Note: will beach tags required? (we hope so, it’ only fair)

Locals Feedback >

Robert S. says:I don’t want a guarded beach at the Cove. I want to go to the beach and be left alone. More restrictions and more rules don’t fix problems.’

Chris H., Casino manager: Sees no danger at The Cove. Says restrictions on jet skis will hurt business on the island. This will also affect restaurant business. Locals don’t want rules, beach fees, or not having the ability to enjoy adult beverages on beach.

Bob Frei: GOOD!…Jet skis.. trailers and refueling on the beach, all should be banned.

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18 thoughts on “Will “Cove” Have Lifeguards & Rules for Brigantine Summer 2016?”

  1. isn’t there already a free charged to those driving onto the beach at the cove? why add on addt’l fees? will addt’l fees also be added to the beach tags purchase by non-cove beach goers? what will those addt’l fees be use for – perhaps compensation for addt’l lifeguards? if there’s a “problem” with those enjoying the cove, perhaps outlining those & presenting them so the local community can weigh in on one of the gems that Brigantine offers vs pushing policies would be a better option. Thoughts?

    1. there isn’t a fee just to drive onto the cove (althou there should be). there is a fee for all beach access including the cove. i did recommend a special pass that includes the cove that should cost more than everywhere else access. this could price some people out and help overcrowding while helping cover the costs of …see below.

      why would additional fees be added to regular beach tags? all those that enjoy brigantine beaches everywhere except the cove are required to pay ($15 for the season).
      if I have a family of four and buy season beach tags it costs me $60
      if i have a family of four and buy 4×4 permit for the cove it cost me $175 (only $110 more to drive my 4×4 on the cove to eat drink defecate in a hole and be merry!)

      not like brigantine needs anymore cash inflows other than real estate taxes but additional monies from cove access could cover…Placing lifeguards at the beach at ‘The Cove’, Better, more user friendly entrances to The Cove and jetty beach areas, Improved signage, List of user-friendly “rules of the road, Improve and extend beach paths

      the problem isnt people enjoying the cove the problem is the locals, relax thou they live there!
      another problem is the the local community weighing in only means harassment and intimidation, not real changes.

  2. My family has been coming to the cove for ever , it has gotten a little more populated the last couple yrs but i think the police that patrol the beach do a great job keeping the patrons inline. I have been bringing my jet skis to the cove area for about 5yrs now our kids love going for rides and have never had an issue , we also fish almost every weekend sometimes over night some of the best and most memorable times we have as a family . As far as “red cups” again i believe the police have done a great job keeping things in order i dont see any problem with it as long as the people arent out of line or not following the laws ex: driving or boating etc.. But that is why there are coast gaurd and state troopers on the water and police on the streets . There will always be people that abuse the rules but it is my family’s favorite thing to do and I definitely think trying to put more “rules” or “regulations” on something that is so great if not abused will only hurt business in brigantine but it would ruin a great family fun summer for alot of families.

  3. 70%R (80%- now?)

    Although I do not frequent the “Cove” area, I agree that Life Guards and clean-up should be part of the summer season.
    As an already HEAVILY taxed 2nd Home Owner, I HIGHLY oppose the funding for this area (that is used by non-tax payers) to be funded by MY tax dollars. This area should be self-sustaining by FEES charged. BEACH tags AND a 4×4 fee should be paid. THIS area is used as a “Summer Club” for those that go there… a season Pool membership for a family costs way more than $185.

    Family of 4..+. $185 seasonal vehicle fee and Mandatory $18/person Seasonal beach pass…. Pretty cheap for the enjoyment.
    HEY, perhaps Home Owners (tax payers) should get 2 Free beach passes/ tax paying house- eh? Instead of giving Free Beach access to Pennsy people.

    One previous comment posted on this made mention of staying OVER NIGHT with his kids! ARE you SERIOUS????

  4. This is becoming nothing more than a circular argument. Too many fees? We must have life guards? We need more fees? Who wants guards? Stop.

    This is all about too damned many Jeeps being allowed to have access to a beach with a limited amount of space.

    For goodness’ sake think about this: There is not a single, solitary public access building or event room that does not plainly list the maximum limit on the number of persons permitted to be there at any given time.

    And PLEASE! restrict those horrid Jet-Skis to a specific area of the Cove. When they gas them up and tune them, the fumes, exhaust smoke and smell of gas could choke a goat!

    Does anyone realize that there is an existing sign which has been at the access road split for years and years that plainly points to the path that reads – Jet Ski Area?

    Have one of our way too many 4X4 police cruisers do an hourly sweep on the weekends and determine when enough is enough. Use real officers instead of cadets and if brazen abuse of the ‘No Alcoholic Beverage’ rules are broken, cite them with a summons and send them off the beach with a fine like they do on the public beaches on the island.

    I guarantee that if you show up at 10th St South, drinking a Coors while in your beach chair – you’re in for some trouble. So if some twenty something Yahoo insists on carrying a 30 pack of Coors around on their shoulders and handing them out to friends – arrest his ass.

    Discreet consumption is fine in most cases so long as public nuisances are avoided. God knows we’ll pour a Gin and Tonic or a beer while parked but don’t be stupid. Show some discretion.

    Strolling up and down the beach carrying your bottle of beer is just poking your finger in the eye of the police.

    Bikini bod and great tats or not, I don’t care – if you are going to intentionally flaunt the law – my recommendation is: don’t be stupid – just don’t show off. And please remember that if you are drunk ON a drive on beach, duhhh – that is a DUI about to happen when you drive OFF a drive on beach.

    Here is the real solution and the only one that will work as far as I can see: Close the damned access road and let it be first come-first served like it is at nearly all outdoor events. Showing up at 2 PM after sleeping off a hangover means you probably won’t get on the beach today.

    Or how about every permit holder signs up for a Nixle message that the Brigantine Police can send out when space becomes unavailable? Or how about this? Come back at six when families start to leave. I mean come on – sometimes it is just that easy. Why over think this?

    And – please – stop with the Veteran silliness. Active duty discounts? Sure, why not? For the most part these kids today are under paid and over deployed.

    Veteran status for anyone who ever served? C’mon. If you are in your sixties, you probably served. It is not a big deal any longer.

    1. FIRST of all…….any one who served our country IS a BIG DEAL forever and always. How dare you even think that………you disgust me. And anyone who thinks like you and has the nerve to discount the sacrfices made by ANY veteran, is an ungrateful asshole like you as well. Keep your stinking beach with all of your dumb ass friends……….remember, the only reason you have that spot is because veterans fought and died for your right to be such an asshole.

      1. This is the first time ive seen this post. Thank you for backing the veterans, all of them past and present. They deserve recognition no matter how old they are or what era they come from. Ignorant people that make statements like that obviously have no idea what its like to be inserted into a different country far from home where everyone is trying to take you out. Im going to end with this, to the person with the no big deal comment. The only reason you have that beach to enjoy is because of those veterans that stood tall in hell to insure your freedom to enjoy it. DONT EVER FORGET THAT!!!!!

        1. Susan, Bernard
          You really think think the armed forces serve the country? The last time anyone died for my rights was 1865 and I doubt they are around to collect their 4×4 pass.

          Veterans do deserve recognition, they deserve more than a beach pass, they also deserve proper healthcare both physical and mental. It would be swell if that had a decent paying job too.
          There is more to “supporting the troops” than tying yellow ribbons.

        2. AGREED!!! This person that says no big deal was most likely someone spending time with loved ones enjoying their freedom while is Veterans were serving!!!!

  5. I think that if you pay a $160 fee for a 4wheel drive permit,then that should include access to the cove.I think that additional charges like beach badges will only drive people away.There are shore towns that do not charge a beach fee.Let’s not overdo it.That is one of the few things to do on this island.We don’t have a boardwalk,fancy restaurants,or amusements.I personally do not go to the cove,but I can empathize with the families that do…..

  6. Why is drinking at the cove allowed anyway? They drink operate jet-skis boats motor vehicles what’s wrong with this picture? Drinking is not allowed on any other beach that I know of. If something happens someone is gonna sue Brigantine. The town should be making a fortune on DUI’S. The attraction is the boozing.

  7. As a long time homeowner on Brigantine, I think we need to control the Cove scene a little bit as it has gotten out of hand. I think a lifeguard station there makes sense Not only is it overcrowded, but people are getting drunk and then operating Jet Skis and then worse driving home and no one cares. The police do not respond or care because many times the worst culprits are off-duty Brig officers and firefighters. If I were a cop I could make my arrest quotas for the year in just one weekend. The rules of the rest of the Beach should apply there including no smoking and no alcohol. Finally, I don’t have a problem with the Jet Skis there, but I do have problem with the re-fueling. . .

    1. Ding!
      You got it, some of the culprits are off-duty police and fire not just from Brigantine but surrounding areas and that is why nothing will be done about the Cove.

  8. Been going there for years.. Never had a problem….. I think people are making too much out of this.. Yes veterans deserve a little treat for all they have done! Free beach permits for them is awesome.. So let it be as it is and enjoy the sun! Life’s a beach!

  9. Well, the crowds at the cove have largely occurred due to the release of unlimited beach passes for vehicles. I believe if you are allowed to bring a truck to the beach you should be allowed to drive your boat or personal watercraft also. As to re-fueling on the beach, a definite no. Refuel at a gas station or a fuel dock.

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