Time for Brigantine Beach to Step Up

Did you miss the article on Brigantine in the Philadelphia Inquirer? For those that love Brigantine, it’s time to admit one of our weaknesses. We let old school Newspaper and TV stations….be the only ones to tell the story of our incredible island. Far too often, in order to sell papers & get ratings, they’ll write in-accurate stories that make Brigantine look unappealing, backwards and bad.

Brigantine: Inquirer's Marimow Desperate for Readers
Inquirer’s Marimow Desperate for Readers

Sure, we have a few blemishes. Which town doesn’t? But when we let the dying industries of local TV & Newspaper diminish our island in order to sell more papers or get ratings, shame on us for doing nothing about it. Philadelphia Inquirer editor; Bill Marimow, is desperate to boost his failing newspaper and will do anything to save his job. So why not take a few cheap shots in order to goose circulation?

In the past, we had to rely on the local newspaper, tv or radio station to ‘get the word out’. We were honored to be included in their reports. But that honor comes with high risk. What if the journalist is rushed for time and has little knowledge of our town? What if they need to create an ‘angle’ in order to get a few more papers sold? What if they produce something that’s downright wrong, stupid or mean spirited?

PRIME EXAMPLE: Read this Brigantine Ice Cream story published in the Philadelphia Inquirer. It’s also available forever on the Internet at Philly.com. The story title was focused on our embarrassing, 15 year long battle of selling ice cream on the beach. To make this fairly boring story a bit spicier, the author decided to drop in some irrelevant references to spraying pesticides through-out the island, greenheads, sharks, and drug dealers. Why did they do that?

Imagine the person who read this article; a potential tourist who hasn’t been to Brigantine in awhile…or has never been here. They’ll certainly think twice before buying a home here, vacationing here….or starting a business here.

  • Step #1   Cancel subscription to Philadelphia Inquirer. Read it online…for free…if necessary.
  • Step #2   Hatch plan to tell REAL story of Brigantine Beach. Doing nothing is not an option.
  • Step #3   Interested in helping? Contact us below or leave a comment.





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6 thoughts on “Time for Brigantine Beach to Step Up”

  1. Maria Scarduzio

    I didn’t read the article but what I read here was enough for me. Brigantine is the Best kept Secret, we all know it who live there and vacation there. Everyone I ever invited to my beach house fell in live with Brigantine. I am from havertown PA, and I have been going to Brigantine since th early 70’s, we purchased a condo in 1997. in the 80’s when my kids were young we would go to Ocean City. I hated every minute of it, with it’s crowded beaches, brown sand and gift shops that sell the same items since 1950! Margate, vent nor, sorry I feel like I’m in a city not the beach. Same with Avalon, sea isle. All of them have Mosquitos. When my kids got older, I said enough of ocean city, I’m going back to Brigantine! We been here ever since.

  2. My entire family history has its roots in Atlantic County. Our family tree on my father’s side is tied to the Leeds name who historically founded the area. We also have Leni Lenape blood. My grandfather moved to Brigantine circa 1929 and my dad was raised on island as was I. My adult life has had me moving around the nation within the hotel and meetings industry and I have enjoyed residing in some wonderful areas in California and Florida to name a couple. Nothing compares to Brigantine and the active memories of living among many of you who may read my post. The rivalry between us “hicks” from “the shore”, their language not mine, should have been outgrown by now. Fortunately, I have not read either of the former great papers from Philadelphia in years. This hick from Brigantine is not interested in anything the editorial staff has to say.

    James Knauff, Tallahassee, FL

  3. Comment: Name: Bob Email: Bob@bend.com


    It should be embarrassing that its taking 15 years to decide on who and where they can sell ice cream….

    How about they do something about all the vacant restaurant space on the island (Steak 38) or the fact that the crappy Sea Gull Motel is an eye sore and still stuck in the 1960’s…..

  4. Name: susan schofield
    Email: susielupo1@aol.com
    Comment: I Just read the Philadelphia Inquirer story, and found it amusing and quite true. All it did was point out that Brigantine is tough on change, which is the truth. How you interpret that is totally subjective. Some might like the fact that nothing changes on Brigantine Island.

  5. My family has had a shore home in Brigantine since 1995. At first I was leery, having remembered the greenheads of my youth in the 60s. Today, my love for the island is sealed. Brigantine is a friendly, laid back beach town that is hospitable to all.
    Its beaches are unmatched for their cleanliness and beauty. We have many affordable eateries and access to fine dining and entertainment in AC. Let the media continue insulting us if only to keep our island free of snobs and overcrowded beaches. If you want to be part of Jersey’s best kept secret, come join us in Brigantine!

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