Time to Consolidate Brigantine Schools & Lower Taxes.

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More money…less students…..lower test scores……redundant positions.

Brigantine school district employees want more money, even though student enrollment and test scores continue to decline. As of Sept. 2015, enrollment numbers provided by Superintendent Pruitt look bleak. They slide downward every single year.

  • Elementary school – 378
  • Middle school – 285
  • Total – 663

In 2012, the Brigantine Taxpayers Association wrote a letter to the President of the Board of Education recommending the elimination of excessive supervisory personnel.

NOTE: Mayor Guenther controls the School district of Brigantine. Only he, as Mayor, can appoint members to the Brigantine school board. How else do you think Magic Matt Doran & Jimmy Jam Mackey got in there? Do ya think they really make any decisions? Nope. They’re just placeholders in Guenther’s Green Head political machine.

Taxpayers are on the hook for> A high paid superintendent, two principals and their redundant staffs and one business administrator in the Brigantine district’s two schools.

All of this with a continuing decline in enrollment. Geez. There’s gotta be a way to reduce property taxes while enabling the district to fulfill its duties and standards.

In March 2014, the BTA wrote another letter to the Board recommending consolidation of Brigantine schools within the same building. In April, 2014, Brigantine’s Board of Education passed a motion “authorizing the School Superintendent to conduct a study to determine the effects of the possible realignment of the District Elementary and Middle Schools”. We call that a delay tactic. A lame one at that.

At the 12/2014 Board meeting, the Superintendent said the report was “99% completed”.

On July 11, 2015, the BTA wrote to Superintendent Pruitt asking for the date on which he’ll present the school consolidation report.

In August, 2015, the green behind the ears superintendent replied, “As I discussed publicly at the Board of Education meeting, my recommendation based on the study is to keep the administrative structure as it is currently designed. The school consolidation study, however, is still in the analysis stages at the Board level. The planned review date is for 12/17/2015”.

The study was authorized in April 2014. Will Pruitt attend a presumed public discussion on 12/17/2015? Copies of the report should be available to the public prior to the 12/17/2015 meeting. But don’t hold your breath.

A school aboard has the responsibility to examine and re-examine all of a district’s operations in order to present to taxpayers the best cost-effective product for their property taxes.  Excessive administrative costs don’t improve the quality of education. They waste money and serve no legitimate purpose.


God Bless the Brigantine Taxpayers Association. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Time to Consolidate Brigantine Schools & Lower Taxes.”

  1. Brigantine school district needs to be combined with another school district. As it is today, the BSD is boarding on “Private” which changes the state and federal funding. And what happens to the “$5” million dollar loan our Mayor took out on the school district that he intends to have repaid by the “secondary homeowners” that don’t have children in the school district.

  2. I feel Pruitt and Guenther/Simpson are bed fellows. “Old Boys Club”. So I guess the Brigantine School District books are “COOKED” too.

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