Topics & Questions. Brigantine Candidates Forum: OCT 25

Some tough but fair questions that our Brigantine political candidates may have faced? A list of topics on the mind of taxpayers, voters, business operators and others with a vested interest in this island sandbar we call Brigantine Beach.

Have a question or topic that you want added to this list? Post it below.

Questions & Topics for Brigantine Candidates:

  • What are your SPECIFIC ideas and strategies for bringing property taxes back in line. This is the single most important issue affecting EVERY resident both full and part time.
  • To Guenther and Sera; having run your campaigns on “Who can you trust when it comes to real estate taxes” do have you any comment on your running mate Andy Simpson refusing to come clean regarding tax dodger-gate?
  • Surety Title vs Simpson NJ Superior Court. Do you expect the taxpayers of Brigantine to trust Simpson when it comes to real estate taxes? Why?
  • How will newly elected candidate address/handle the Real Estate assessment discrepancies? How will you handle the flood of appeals next year?
  • Can office of Mayor be made a full time position?
  • Can city employees be made to live on the island and pay the taxes? This will surely help tax base.
  • Do you support a morals clause & ethical standards for city employees?
  • In terms of 24 hour shifts for Fire Department, does Brigantine pay for all the meals at the FD based on those 24 hour shifts?
  • Will you look at limiting/ending carry-over of sick days and vacation days for all city employees, FD and PD?
  • Will you cap salaries for city employees?
  • Will you have city employees, FD, PD start contributing more to skyrocketing health costs?
  • Do you support setting standards non-employees that use/operate City facilities?
  • Should there by standards for organizations subsidized, funded or supported in anyway by City of Brigantine?
  • If elected, which ordinances would you work to modify, remove or add to our so-called ‘city constitution’?
  • If elected, will you be more direct with city unions and move to settle extended, 2 year negotiation? Will you consider arbitration?
  • What are your thoughts on practices like longevity pay and 24 hour FD shifts?
  • Bulkhead integrity is growing concern for homeowners and businesses. Will you push to thoughtfully, enforce current ordinances?
  • If elected, what will you do to reduce cash transactions, and move towards digital payments and more secure record keeping? ( beach tags, etc )
  • Brigantine schools are governed by Board of Education & operate as Type 1 district. Board of Education consists of 7 members appointed by Mayor. Do you support or oppose operating schools this way? Why?
  • If elected, how will you prudently consolidate school positions to reduce costs without jeopardizing education?
  • Who runs Brigantine Triathlon? What expense/revenue/profit does City track with this event? Should City attract sponsors to make event cash-flow positive?
  • Who oversees & is ultimately responsible for operations / financials of Brigantine sports facilities, leagues and organizations?
  • What is status of Brigantine Police Officer Periera? Should City be transparent with these public safety/employee issues? If found innocent, will he still be employed by City?
  • History shows government not good at running & controlling business ( DMV, State stores, healthcare, etc.) Why should Brigantine or outside expert (ex: Jaworski/Billy Casper) run Golf Course?
  • Should City mandate that charities & non-profit organizations on the island, properly follow IRS & other applicable regulations? How does City monitor this activity?
  • If elected, what will you do to attract more business to the 40+ empty storefronts in Brigantine? Does Brigantine need a more business-friendly environment?
  • If elected, what type of person would you hopefully place in charge of communications, marketing and website content for City? Should Police department employee control web content for city?
  • For past 10 years, Water Weenie sold food and treats, on beach at The Cove. If elected, will you allow others vendors to do same?
  • Ice cream on beach is simple pleasure that 99% of beach goers like. Should Brigantine remove the ‘200 ft’ ordinance from the books?
  • Were you in favor of City of Brigantine hosting and managing Online Business Directory with no mercantile office oversight for past 2 years?
  • Do you support ‘job descriptions’ for all city employees, including Council and City Manager?
  • What is status of the “who signs off on overtime” issue from May 2014. Currently, who is last person to sign off before it goes to payroll?
  • Should annual ‘Shoobie Tuesday’ party change name in order to respect summer visitors?
  • City ordinance states no signage (few exceptions) be posted on blvd from bridge to lighthouse circle.  Does city have jurisdiction over private landowners that post billboards?
  • If elected, will you support term limits and/or financial disclosure for candidates, council members, applicable city employees/appointees?
  • It takes about 6 months for City Council meeting minutes to be posted. What will you do to fix that problem?
  • 2013 City Financial Audit is still not posted. How would you deal with that issue?
  • It’s time for the non-resident, home owners to be ‘allowed’ to vote in all city elections in Brigantine, regardless of being registered in other districts … what is your opinion? and, what will you try to do if you agree and are elected.

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4 thoughts on “Topics & Questions. Brigantine Candidates Forum: OCT 25”

  1. How will the newly elected candidate address/handle the assessment discrepancies? (eg. Two identical houses, no alterations, one is a rental, other primary residence.
    Mo/Year Billed Amt PropClass Land Value Impr Value Total Asmt.
    2/1/2015 $ 1,177.41 Residential-2 $ 160,000.00 $ 115,900.00 $ 275,900.00
    5/1/2015 $ 1,177.40
    8/1/2014 $ 1,373.81
    11/1/2014 $ 1,173.80
    Total $ 4,902.42

    2/1/2015 $ 1,181.25 Residential-2 $ 160,000.00 $ 116,800.00 $276,800.00
    5/1/2015 $ 1,181.24
    8/1/2014 $ 1,032.26 This has been a rental property forever
    11/1/2014 $ 1,032.25
    Total $ 4,427.00
    The primary residence is valued at $275,900.00 but pays $475.42 more than the
    rental property. How does that work??????????????????????????????????????
    The tax office needs to be audited for inaccurate assessment calculations)
    Are tax breaks being given to owners that have several rental properties? Law needs to be reviewed and updated. Everyone pays regardless of ownership.
    Suggest all owners review & compare their assessments. I have plenty of examples…
    Also how does the newly elected candidate plan to handle the flood of appeals next year?

    1. There are a ton of situations like the one you are writing about and they do nothing to correct the problem. Earlier this year a few were posted online and they seemed way out of range of believable.

      I would like to see the Tax Assessor go to every home and verify from curb the assessment . If there is a problem, note it and correct it .

      I heard tax appeal specialist Mike Brennan say at meeting & yes this is on YouTube that there are a lot of homes out of range of proper assessed value but it’s not his job to do it.

  2. The biggest issue for all residents is the increase in property taxes. The clear and painfully obvious cause of this today is the enormous financial obligation for the salary/benefits/unused sick pay/pensions for all city employees, FD and PD. That total makes up almost two-thirds of the entire Brigantine budget, and there is still a shortfall with no end in sight. It is no longer 2006, and short-sighted financial decisions of the past as to salaries/benefits need to be corrected. What are the real and hard decisions that the candidates intend to implement to address what is clearly the biggest threat to the financial viability,sustainability of Brigantine? It is no longer sufficient to just speak in political lingo and cliches, as saying you are going to lead Brigantine forward is not a solution.

  3. Were you in favor of City of Brigantine hosting and managing Online Business Directory with no mercantile office oversight for past 2 years?

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