Water Weenie in Brigantine Since 2001

According to local resident; Chris Howe, the ‘Water Weenie’ was established back in 2001 by a Brigantine city employee. Since then, this pontoon snack boat has parked itself on the beach down at the popular ‘COVE’ beach in Brigantine. Local businesses have not been happy that Brigantine allows un-regulated and

Employee Mismanagement of City Web Marketing

Government should rarely be in business, especially in Brigantine. The local BB-NJ business directory is one major example of in-efficiency and questionable activity all funded by taxpayer dollars. The past mis-management of the Brigantine Mini-Golf course is another example of lost revenue due to poor city oversight. Think about it.

Candidates for Brigantine's City Council: change needed in Republican-controlled city

OCT 28 2011 In a special election for the seat representing Brigantine‘s 4th Ward, the Democratic candidate has been critical of the Republican-controlled City Council, while the Republican candidate … has been critical of the Republican-controlled City Council. In a city that saw Democrats increase their margin on council to three out of