Underage Drinking, 4×4 Overcrowding Force Stricter 2017 Beach Rules

Overcrowding & Non-Compliant

Due to growing issues surrounding public safety, alcohol consumption and declining beach tag revenue, Brigantine City Council was forced to radically change how 4×4 beaches will be managed in the Summer of 2017.

Personal beach badges will now be mandatory for the following three areas:

  • The Cove Beach overlooking the Inlet
  • The Jetty Front Beach
  • North End Beach at 14th Street North.

Non-complaint financial oversight, defecation in the dunes, over-flowing porta-pots, open fire bbq’s, hundreds of free and deeply discounted 4×4 tags and underage-drinking, lead to increased overcrowding at these 4×4 beaches, especially at the Cove and the Jetty.

According to the Brigantine Beachcomber Newspaper, there was an increase in incidents involving police response and threats to public safety on our Brigantine Beaches. Some have pointed to decisions made by Councilman Andy Simpson and Vince Sera that attracted hundreds of non-residents that enjoyed free access to beaches where alcohol was common, especially among those who are underage.

  • All four-wheel-drive beach permits will include two beach badges
  • Increased police and lifeguard presence, similar to other Brigantine beaches

Facing increased criticism, Brigantine Mayor Phil Guenther & City Manager Ed Stinson announced that all four-wheel-drive permits will be checked. To stop ‘sharing’ of permits, the registered 4×4 vehicle will need to have the permit sticker adhered to the passenger-side window. This will allow easier checking with a barcode scanner by the access-road attendee.

These permit scanners will also make it easier for City Hall to know exactly how many vehicles, and which vehicles, are on any beaches of Brigantine at any one time.

Updated Rules for Summer 2017

  • Each permit correlates with the vehicle registered
  • Every person in every vehicle must have a beach badge.
  • 4×4’s shuttling carloads, from street parking to the beach
  • Setting up massive, fenced off “camps”, some with portable toilets
  • Neighbors complained that streets were clogged, homes were blocked, public urination
  • Senior citizens and those showing documentation of a permanent disability can purchase a permit at half price, and all military veterans showing proof of a DD214 identification card can receive a free permit.

Councilman Andy Simpson had no comment about the special $160 4×4 permit price for full-time residents. Although easy to implement, Simpson is not a proponent of allowing online purchases of tags & permits, which would let part-time residents purchase tags using early bird discounts.

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